HOLLYWOOD—This may have been the biggest drag of a season of “Big Brother” since BB16. Do you want to know what both of those seasons had in common, Cody Calafiore. Cody is not a bad guy, but he’s not scintillating television like his brother Paulie, maybe he is, the audience just hasn’t seen it yet, because Cody has faced no real adversity in the two seasons of the series that he has played. Well after 85 long days and a summer with no shocking moves, a winner was crowned and this season is officially over.

I think for most fans of BB, this is the best result because I don’t think I have ever wanted a newbie season or a legends season (we’ll likely never see it) more after this snooze-fest. When we last chatted, Enzo was HOH, Nicole and Christmas were on the block and Cody won the POV. Cody decided to evict Christmas, which I can understand on a loyalty side, but if anything he should have evicted Nicole (she is a winner) and he could easily beat Christmas in the final HOH competitions.

So the first part of the final HOH competition was an endurance one and Nicole, yes, Nicole managed to outlast Cody and Enzo punching her ticket to the final HOH competition of finale night. The second part of the HOH was a battle between Enzo and Cody that was skill and physical, where Cody smoked Enzo. It was a timed competition and Cody proved that he was one of the best competitors this season hands down without a doubt. So we’re looking at a Cody and Nicole possible final two with Enzo sitting in the same spot as before being evicted at the possible three.

The only and only caveat is the fact that Cody might actually make a move, while not big, but cut Nicole considering she is a winner and he doesn’t want to be haunted by the mistakes of BB16, where Derrick snowed Cody into thinking he had a chance at a win against his loyal ally. Cody, you might not know this, but you beat anyone you sit next to in the end. Even more, I think the jury would respect you more if you cut Nicole who is indeed a winner, and it’s a risk to take someone of her caliber to the final two who could argue her status as a winner. The biggest problem is her game is not impressive compared to Cody. Two wins and she is arguing the same strategy she used in BB18 to surround herself with strong players as shields.

Hmm, I cannot agree with that rhetoric. Nicole you did not play a strong game this season, you really hid in the shadows, won two comps and took out Memphis when you know the Cody is revered as the best player this season and sitting beside him in the final two could be viewed as the dumbest move next to Cody taking Derrick in BB16. How in the world are the producers planning to deliver 2 hours of content in this finale when we got straight to Part 2 of the Final HOH in the first 5 minutes?

It was a competition of mental and physical, and Enzo knew the answers, it was all about timing to remove those hogs from being in the frame of the picture. In my personal opinion, this looked a lot harder than you think. Enzo’s time would have been faster if he totally read the question: 3 houseguests not 2. The guy is no idiot, he knew the answers, but stumbled in the first and third round. Cody did real well in the comp, but it raises the question if these comps are way too easy. Why? Back in the day, the competition used to be a lot more difficult. Enzo knew he did not perform well and beat himself up over it. I mean 37 minutes compared to 4 minutes. That was beyond tough to watch, but it proves Cody is a beast and unstoppable.

Damn, I’m surprised to see Enzo to be so salty. He had a literal breakdown and it sucked to watch because Enzo has played a terrific game and if he won a competition or two near the end stretch he would be a top contender to win it all. Wow, the BS between Cody and Nicole was hilarious. Are you going to take me? Really? Cody you should win no matter who you take, but Nicole is speculating if the jury will vote for a previous winner? Hmm, they would if you played the actual game.

Oh, Enzo is actually playing, telling Nicole that Cody is nearly unstoppable if he goes to the end. Yeah, Nicole you need to cut Cody, if not you will not win the game. Damn a jury segment already and we’re only 30 minutes left in the game, but let’s get to the good stuff. The Jury Roundtable is underway and it’s clear that Cody is the favorite to win people. So let’s debate merits. So it sounds like Da’Vonne is the foreman of the jury, and Ian noted that owning your game is very important. Up, Ian didn’t like that Nicole did not own her game. Da’Vonne was upset, Christmas tried to bark back and Da’Vonne argued it was dirty, but Tyler, David and Kevin noted that Nicole has passive play, not fun, but she is a previous winner.

Enzo checked off plenty of boxes for the jury, but people were worried about him articulating his actual strategy. The jury thinks he might have made the same mistake he made 10 years ago. Cody was in the hot seat, not totally owning his game, but trying to have a reason for getting you out. Hmm, Kevin still seems bitter about Cody, but respected his comp games. The jury sees cutting Cody as the ‘big move’ so it needs to be made people for Nicole and Enzo.

The pacing of this finale is the quickest I can recall ever seeing, we’re about to have Part 3 of the final HOH already. Edge of my seat that is where I am right now America. This competition was all about luck, videos pertaining to the jury members and determining which of the 3 statements is false. So it’s similar to what occurred in BB21. These questions are not as easy as I thought. I must admit these music record videos are funny. Cody ain’t no dummy people and he deserves this win if he gets to the end America, he’s played a near flawless game, and Cody won the final HOH with a perfect 8-0 score. Will Cody cut Nicole or take Enzo, let’s hope he doesn’t make another BB16 mistake people.

The predictability this season is unbelievable, but Cody had a tough decision to make which of his final two’s is he going to cut. Both pleaded their case. Cody was in tears, Nicole was in tears, Enzo pleaded his case and it looked like Cody was about to be tore up about the decision to make. Host Julie Chen reiterated to Cody not making the $500,000 mistake again and he EVICTED NICOLE! Wow, I did not expect that, but Cody made the smart move, he sent the winner packing and in my opinion secured his victory.

So its an Enzo and Cody final two America. Nicole was an emotional mess, she really thought Cody was going to take her to the end. She had to be delusional to think Cody would not consider taking her out. Wow, Nicole Franzel was actually blindsided. Nicole is literally befuddled with the move that was just made. Even Julie threw in the fact that the jurors will be happy to see Nicole as the last casualty of the game.

So it’s time for the final questioning for the final two and the jury was literally stunned to see Nicole join the panel, and Da’Vonne was right people. Nicole looked pissed America and I mean she was not happy people. Tyler posed the first question about Cody’s game compared to Enzo and he articulated his answers with precision. Enzo was asked the same question and he noted that he used Cody was a weapon, which was a great answer. I liked Enzo’s honesty to the question. Kevin posed the question to Cody to take ownership of three things he did that the jury did not know, not sure if he fully answered them, but ok.

Da’Vonne posed a tough question to Enzo of his strategy throughout the game. He made it clear that he was never a target and never in risk of danger. Christmas’ question to Cody was rather he evolved his game from the first time and how, and he admitted he played more with strategy this time around than the first time. Really? What is it with the jury asking the same questions to both contestants? Could we switch things up just a little bit? Dani’s question was a juicy one, but it did not seem Christmas was buying what he was selling. So all the jury members actually get the opportunity to pose question I can’t recall the last time this transpired. It was great to see, and it started to feel like Enzo was starting to fluster with the questions, especially not owning his goodbye messages.

Nicole concluded with a question directly to Cody and she was NOT happy people, OMG, Nicole Franzel is pissed, she is livid at Cody people! Enzo’s speech was hilarious, but it had plenty of heart, Cody spoke with conviction and I respect it people. Now the jury votes and I wanna say Cody is walking away with this hands down.

The pre-jury was back and Julie had tough questions as to why the others did not try to go against the house dynamics and Kaysar took that first question. The issue with the Slick Six alliance came into question, and it was apparent no one trusted each other. Oh, Kevin now you realize you should have worked with Janelle and Kaysar to change the game dynamics. So we heard from Keesha, who was the first person evicted and she placed him into the hot seat. No actual hot tea as expected, so let’s just give Cody the money so we can announce America’s Favorite Player people. Must admit it was funny every pre-juror got a question except Nicole Anthony.

Time for the votes to be read, and Cody is your winner of the second installment of “Big Brother: All-Stars.” He had the first five votes, and I’m certain he swept with a 9-0 count.

So Julie announced the prize of America’s Favorite Player and the top two were Tyler and Da’Vonne, they didn’t list the top three. She was so happy with the announcement that it brought her to tears. The season that was to be so amazing is finally done and over people. News was announced that “Big Brother 23” will return in the summer and I don’t think I’ve ever been more eager to see a group of newbie players in the driver seat after this dreadful season. Until summer 2021.