HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “Big Little Lies” before the season finale next week. This week’s episode, ‘The Bad Mother,’ started with ladies starting to unravel, especially Jane, when she learned that Corey was called in by the police for questioning. Jane went into panic mode with the realization that the authorities are onto them and looking to nail the women for Perry’s death.

Mary Louise had a front row seat watching Celeste’s confession on tape at the police station, questioning her daughter-in-law’s role in her son’s demise. The Monterey Five started to splinter with Madeline and Bonnie going to war. Bonnie consumed with guilt found herself in a precarious predicament with the authorities. She was ready to confess, but at what cost? Renata was worried that Madeline was going to spill the truth to Ed. Bonnie tried to smoother her mother to death while daydreaming, so it’s apparent Bonnie has major pent up issues with her mother that have yet to be resolved that is eating away at her soul.

Celeste and Mary Louise had their first appearance in court, where the judge was not happy with the result of the kids visit with the child psychologist. This war is about to get very ugly. Bonnie was not happy to see her mother in a vegetative state, but it was apparent her father was more concerned about his daughter’s mental state. Round two in court got underway, with Celeste taking the stand, with her pals by her side for emotional support.

Celeste was questioned about her physical violence and its relationship to sex in her marriage. Things were not looking good for Celeste on the witness stand, where her one night stands was brought to the forefront. Mary Louise was making sure that Celeste looked incompetent on the witness stand, as her sexcapades with a lot of men were brought to the table. It was heartbreaking watching Celeste shatter into a burst of tears, while realizing all her issues came to the table in a major way. Celeste, Bonnie, Madeline, Jane and Renata were reeling from the first round of interrogating.

Ed was tempted, and the question of payback rose to the forefront, just as Nathan spotted him. Will he take the bait? That is the question we all want answered. Madeline confessed her heart to Ed yet again hoping for forgiveness, but he was not ready to open that door, just yet. Jane decided to confront Mary Louise about her antics. When Mary Louise tried to push Jane’s buttons, Jane spilled a bunch of tea about Perry that dear ole mom did not want to hear. Tell her Jane; make this woman face the fact that her son was a MONSTER!

Madeline was busted dancing in her wedding dress by Ed, and it seemed to deliver a breakthrough for the conflicted hubby. Bonnie was still reeling from her mother’s condition and her troubling childhood. Round three saw Celeste working to do her best to clean up her image and convince the judge that she is no danger to her children. Bonnie in a heartfelt plea aired out her grievances to her mother, and she revealed that she was responsible for killing Perry. In essence, Bonnie’s action was a direct result of her relationship with her mother. Jeez, that was brutal to watch America.

Renata was dropped a bomb in bankruptcy court, when she learned that Gordon was sleeping with their nanny. Wow, that was a twist that I did not see coming, and it broke my heart that much more for Renata. The judge was ready to make her ruling, but Celeste dropped a bomb by asking a witness to testify on Mary Louise’s ability to properly care for her children. Oh, this is a twist, I did not see coming and I cannot wait to see who this individual is. I sense that person is Perry’s brother, who has been alluded to. All I can say is the look on Mary Louise’s face said it all; she was scared and didn’t expect that bomb.

Oh, this was a juicy episode America, and its setting the stage for what could be an epic finale. Meryl Streep, you have been a delicious addition to the cast, and to think I’ve never hated a character you portrayed more in your career, Mary Louise is indeed taking the cake to Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada.” Get your popcorn ready for a finale that I am certain will deliver plenty of shocks to audiences.