HOLLYWOOD—Oh, it has been such fun to see Bill Spencer aka Dollar Bill lose his status as a power player not only at Spencer Publications, but in the world of business and his personal life at the same time. Bill was beyond livid to have his eldest son Liam blackmail him into stepping down at Spencer Publications. Bill didn’t want to do it, but if he didn’t Liam was not afraid to deliver Bill’s confession to the authorities for his role in the fire at Spectra Fashions. The friction between Bill and Liam has become so intense, that father threw a punch at his son. Oh, it was a punch alright because it left Liam with a massive black eye.

To make the situation worse, Steffy is just inserting herself in all the madness by attempting to get Liam to back down and for Bill to get over his ego and remedy the situation. Hey Steffy, stay out of it; you’re messing around with power players here and you have no idea of what madness is about to explode in the coming weeks. The interesting dynamic is that it appears Steffy is afraid of this new Liam in the flesh; I think he is giving her shades of Bill and that scares her to the score.

Wyatt is not pleased that father Bill has once again placed Liam in charge over him. Yeah, Wyatt always comes second place to Liam, but once brother discovers what Liam has on his dad I wonder what angle Wyatt will utilize to come out on top? Will he align with Bill or will he align with Spencer. None of this drama is good for Bill, because Brooke is well aware that her husband is tense, unraveling and not himself. After constant badgering, Bill reveals that Liam is blackmailing him, but of course Brooke knows there is more to the tale.

When he dropped the bomb of his role in Spectra’s fire she was livid. This just goes with what Brooke has come to expect with Bill; he’ll disappoint her just as much as Ridge. Just when she thinks he can steep no lower, he does the unthinkable. However, this is good news for Ridge and Brooke fans as it provides an opening people; one that Ridge can use to his advantage to get back with his one true love. Not certain if Brooke will reveal the truth to Ridge about what Bill did, but I’m certain Ridge will get the details on what his enemy has been up to by his daughter Steffy.

Liam is changing Spencer Publications one day at a time, and to remedy his father’s actions, he provides Sally with the property to her burned down building. Sally was in her worse state of mind, especially after Thomas broke her heart and decided to stay with his son and Caroline in New York. I mean one of Bill’s secrets has dropped, but wait till the truth about Caroline’s ‘illness’ comes to light.

Worlds will explode, especially when it is revealed that so many people knew the truth, but refused to admit it. I do have a feeling that the writers are beginning to drop clues that Sally and Liam will soon become an item, and Steffy will be left in the dust. It would be nice to see their marriage tested by another woman, one who isn’t Hope Logan. I mean Steffy is not happy to learn that Liam gifted the Spectra Fashions building back to Sally, hmm, is Steffy green with envy over Sally. It sure looks like it!

We’ve already had two catfights between Sheila and Quinn, well, let’s add another people! The two vixens got into yet again this week, as its apparent Quinn is unnerved by Sheila’s presence and her shenanigans. Quinn, the only way you’re going to get Sheila out of your life is by murder. I got to say I’m loving Sheila’s presence on the soap; she is finally bringing an equal adversary that has made Quinn face the music regarding her dastardly deeds.

Some secrets have been revealed, but I don’t think the big reveal will erupt until November sweeps. We don’t have too long America so be patient, within a month “The Bold and the Beautiful” will be delivering so much drama viewers won’t be able to take their eyes off the screen.