HELLO AMERICA!—I must quickly remind you that I, too, viewed the Global Central Park Music Festival hunger fund concert recently when over 60 thousand people attended along with millions of others globally. It was moving, powerfully produced worthy of enormous accolades on every level with the talent support of such gifted artists as QUEEN & Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, Carole King, H.E.R., Usher and Pharrell Williams.

Even though these iconic music groups were impressive and did their best to share love, it was Adam Lambert who proved that he is the new king of New York and the world. His music artistry seemed to have no limits, especially his vocal range that seem to match any operatic tenor in the classical world. Lambert’s command of the entire Central Park stage was awesome. Hollywood needs him in the same way it needed Mario Lanza. Without a doubt, he is a teasing force ready to steal the hearts in the same way Lanza did.

Another impressive star was Alicia Keys. Without a doubt, she is a fine pianist and composer. It was obvious she connects with women generally, her songs had them smiling, waving their hands and bodies as well as singing along with her during special moments of her performance. The only thing that bothered me was the oversized hat that covered her beautiful face when singing a few of her most recognized songs. After all, seeing facial expressions is an important part of selling the meaning of any song being performed.

Of course, the appearance of Carole King was served up as desert because everybody loves this lady who has been around since the 70s. The audience didn’t hesitate in showing their affection for her and her so many wonderful songs. Usher was another plus for the festival, the stage lit up with excitement by the sounds we have all learned to groove by.

Pharrell Williams is another story, unfortunately, when continually making his appearances wearing short trousers, clownish sunglasses, sneakers and died short cut red hair makes it difficult to take him seriously, then too his dance moves are amateurish and singing voice, high-schoolish. He should stick to writing or composing songs. Obviously, that is his forte.