HOLLYWOOD—I really didn’t plan to chat much about “The Young and the Restless” this week, but we have to. Why? Too much chaos has erupted and its major drama. For starters, ANOTHER ATTEMPT has been made on the life of Adam Newman. This time it was not Chloe, but Billy Abbott. Yes, Billy has been on a downward spiral for weeks and finally acted on all those voices, messages and taunts about taking care of Adam he took action.

Luckily, for Adam he had a knight in shining armor: Chloe! Yes, Chloe pushed Adam out of the way of Billy’s vehicle, which crashed into a ditch. Adam has no idea that Billy tried to kill him and that Chloe was the person to save his life. Chloe and Kevin have Billy held up in a secret location to help his mental state. Chloe’s return from the dead has everyone in Genoa City rattled to the core, none more than Chelsea. Chelsea rallying at her former bestie is laughable.

Why? Look in the mirror Chelsea, you’ve done horrible things in the past and you are no angel and you have done devious things in the past. Taking children, attacking people, faking being pregnant, lying about the paternity of your children. Nick said it best: Chloe lost a child, something Chelsea can never imagine, and it was all because of Adam Newman. Nick was right; Adam set all these crazy events into motion, so anything that comes his way, he deserves it.

That is the problem with people who attempt to be better than they actually are. They see only ‘their’ reality versus the real reality. Chelsea and Adam are two-of-a-kind, and as much as I was rooting for Adam to get his vengeance on the Newman clan, I want to see him take another fall. Michael Baldwin thought he was on cloud nine pulling one over his shoulder, but Adam revealed his Trump card: Fenmore. Yeah, Adam has evidence that Fen is dealing drugs and utilized that information to warn Michael that when he’s ready to slit his throat he shouldn’t be surprised.

Hate to say it, but that was a fabulous piece of dialogue by the writers and the number of enemies that Adam is making is growing at an exponential rate. If there is anyone who can stop Adam Newman, the only person is his father Victor Newman. Adam plays dirty, but Victor plays dirtier. So expect people to be caught in the crossfire of this rivalry. Victoria is working to discover the actual whereabouts of Billy, as she suspects he is not in rehab. Good instinct Vicky because you’re one-hundred percent accurate.

The twist I didn’t see coming is that Billy is really struggling right now. How so? He has developed an alter-ego and this is an interesting storyline America. This will allow Jason Thompson to really showcase his acting chops and it will be interesting to see what happens if Billy does the unthinkable in his alter-ego’s mind set to take out Adam Newman.

Nothing floored me more than anything, than seeing the reconciliation between Chloe and Chelsea. These two ladies need each other, but I can assure you Adam will not be 100 percent happy with these two women rekindling their friendship. Everything that Adam thought he was doing to fracture the lives of the residents of Genoa City is blowing up in his face.