UNITED STATES—Swedish researchers have discovered a substance found in breast milk which has the ability to kill cancer cells.

PLoS One Journal, published a study on Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal To Tumor Cells, a substance known as HAMLET which was found in breast milk years ago.

Professor Catharina Svanborg from Lund University in Sweden conducted a clinical trial using HAMLET to treat patients suffering from bladder cancer. After the treatment, dead cancer cells were found in the urine of the patients who were injected with the compound. The healthy cells were able to stay fully intact.

Professor Svanborg made this discovery while researching antibiotics.


The above image by hamletpharma.com is part of a newsletter founded, written, and chaired by Professor Svanborg. The newsletter reads, breast milk not only provides the “foundation of life,” but contains a wealth of molecules that can be used for therapies that improve the quality of life.

Previous tests results show that HAMLET is capable of killing 40 different types of cancer cells. The next step for researchers is to be able to test the substance on skin cancer and later on brain tumors.

The breakthrough of the scientific trial opens the door to possibilities that HAMLET could be used as an effective way to treat cancer in patients.