SANTA MONICAOn Thursday, August 13, the Breeze bike sharing program will launch a systems test that will last approximately 6 weeks at select locations.

Breeze, the first major bike sharing program in Los Angeles, recently opened its doors to people who are interested in buying a founding membership. The membership will cost $99, and perks include: an invitation to the November launch party; a year of bike sharing, with a 60-minute allowance of daily use; an exclusive membership gift packet; participation in the systems check with no extra fees; and a limited edition Breeze Bike Sharing membership card.

If a person purchases a basic monthly pass, which costs about $20 per month, they are entitled to 30 minutes on a Breeze bike every day. An extra $5 per month gives them an “extended” pass that is good for up to 60 minutes of daily riding. Passes can also be purchased annually, in both the basic and extended versions. Costs for annual passes run between $119 and $149. For those who need a one-time ride, 60 minutes of bike time can be purchased for $6. No membership level allows a person unlimited access to the bikes.

Breeze Bike Share was approved in November 2014, and made its official debut in May at the 2015 Santa Monica Festival. One of Breeze’s main goals is to provide an easier, cost-effective and more sustainable mode of transportation for residents.

Metro and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), an air pollution control agency, provided roughly $2 million in funding for Breeze. Breeze offer over 500 bikes across nearly 75 locations. There is also talk of expanding the bike sharing program in the neighboring city of Venice.

A full systems launch will occur in early November, and will provide 24/7 access to all bikes across the city.

For more information about the program and Breeze membership visit the official website for Breeze Bike Share.