HOLLYWOOD—Well it was bound to happen people. The secret is out on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Brooke Logan has been exposed yet again for a secret tryst that she kept from her husband Ridge. First it was Bill Spencer, now it’s Deacon Sharpe. Damn, Brooke when are you going to learn, don’t keep your ex-lovers in your orbit it’s not smart for you.

Douglas was the nail in the coffin as he shared his tale with Thomas and Steffy, and Steffy was determined to bring Brooke down for any other reasons, but to reunite her family. Steffy you’re a grown woman and considering how many families you have broken up, it seems a lot like the pot calling the kettle. I hope the writers have something in store to knock Steffy Forrester off her pedestal because right now this character is annoying me to high hell acting like she’s a saint. Steffy slept with Liam while he was married to Hope, got pregnant and didn’t know who the baby father was. Slept with Liam’s father Bill, got pregnant and didn’t know who the father was.

Hmm, you and Brooke Logan might be more alike than you think Steffy and I’m still not sold on Liam being Kelly’s father. What if it was Bill Spencer all along? That could be a story for the writers to seriously consider exploring people. Hell, what I would give for that video of Steffy killing Ally to come back into play and someone to blackmail her. It would be glorious to see someone actually blackmail Thomas and Steffy at the same time for their dastardly deeds that they have gotten away with, murder being at the top of the list for both of them!

Taylor learned the truth and blabbed to Ridge instead of allowing Brooke to confess the truth which led to an epic confrontation between Brooke and Ridge where we already know what happens. He storms off, goes looking for Taylor they kiss, they make love and it looks like Steffy and Thomas get what they want right? Hmm, that is until Taylor learns from Sheila that she is the cause of Brooke’s drinking by switching the champagne bottle.

Taylor is now blackmailed by Sheila to keep the secret otherwise she loses Ridge, in return, Sheila gets to bond with Finn and Hayes at Taylor’s urging, but the other hat will drop when the truth is inevitably exposed and Taylor winds up alone because she lied, Steffy is admonished for covering up the secret and Finn finds himself questioning his wife and her motives yet again. Hell, she is married to Finn and I cannot recall the last time he was on the screen people! Mark my words all of this is going to unfold in the next 6 months to a year people. If I’m wrong, I will write glorious things about “B&B” moving forward.

Beyond that tale, Paris and Carter are getting to know one another better, but mama Grace Buckingham is NOT happy that her daughter is now canoodling with the man that broke Zoe’s heart and the same guy that is supposedly Zende’s best friend. I wonder how Zende would feel if he knew what Paris and Carter were up to. To be honest, it is karma for him messing around with Zoe when Carter was preparing to propose marriage to her America. Grace has threatened to go to Ridge about the truth of Paris and Carter if he doesn’t break things off and to be honest it doesn’t look pretty for Carter.

In other notable news, Deacon finally got a clue: Brooke was never into you! She was drunk because Sheila swapped her champagne bottles people. Will Deacon do the noble thing and spill the truth or prove to Hope, Brooke, Liam and especially Ridge that he is the same ole guy who will never change. I think we know the answer already “B&B” fans.