SHERMAN OAKS—A burglar fled from LAPD officers after breaking into a Sherman Oaks home occupied by two sleeping children and a nanny.

Surveillance footage captured on October 2, shows the suspect at the front of the home scanning the area. He rang the doorbell which is a common tactic among thieves to see if anyone is home. After ringing the doorbell the suspect made his way to the back sliding glass door where he broke the lock and entered.

The burglar kept his face down as he was scoping the area to avoid being captured by surveillance cameras. According to video footage he was wearing a hoodie and baseball cap to help conceal his face.

The nanny was aware of the suspect and called 911 as he worked his way into the home. The burglar made his way into the little boy’s room where he quickly opened and shut the door. According to reports the boy was restless throughout the night. The nanny hid upstairs in the little girl’s room where the girl was fast asleep.

As police arrived on the scene the burglar darts out of the house into his vehicle which is believed to be a newer model Camaro. The father of the two children arrived at the same time as police officers and attempted to block the suspect from fleeing. The burglar escaped before police or the homeowner could block him in.