MALIBU–Starting on July 15, California State Parks will eliminate outdoor rinsing stations. This will not affect any of the indoor stations.

It was discovered that more than 85 million people visit California State Parks every year. Guests, who stay overnight, end up using about 25 gallons per day. Officials have stated that they can save more than 1.2 gallons of water by turning off these rinse stations. In turn, this will save them about 18 million gallons every year.

Up until now the department has managed to keep up with the 25 percent water reduction. They managed by paying close attention to leaky faucets and fixing them.They also changed their toilets, showers, and shower heads to low flow. Some water basins were shut off and replaced with sanitizer stations that do not use water to function.

Officials have suggested, for those who will continue to visit the California State Parks, that if they want to rid of the excess sand they can either: use a towel to just wipe off the sand or bring water from their homes that they can use.