UNITED STATES−Lora Yorch, a government and Economics teacher at California High School in the Whittier Union High School District admitted to indoctrinating her students by teaching them her belief that President Donald Trump is a fascist.

In a series of messages on social media, Yorch boasted about her teachings using her real name, along with the subject she taught. The name of the school and the school district were readily available.

According to reports, Yorch has taught her students her beliefs about President Trump comparing him to the 1950s cult leader, Jim Jones, of a San Francisco-based evangelical group, “The People’s Temple.” Jones coerced his followers into drinking a deadly “Kool-Aid” resulting in a mass murder-suicide that resulted in the death of 900 people in November 1978.

In previous posts, she advertised her salary on social media, referring to herself as an overpaid teacher.

California High School is a public high school located at 9800 South Mills Avenue Whittier, California 90604 and belongs…

Posted by Dick Stonebreaker on Saturday, April 18, 2020


Whittier Union High School District (WUHSD) includes California High School, Frontier High School, La Serna High School, Pioneer High School, Santa Fe High School, Whittier High School, and Sierra Vista Alternative High School.

Canyon News reached out to Whittier Union High School District for a statement, but did not hear back before print.