HOLLYWOOD—Jeez, why couldn’t the writers at “The Young and the Restless” allow this Cameron, Nick and Sharon storyline burn just a bit longer? I mean it happened out of nowhere, and with the snap of a finger it’s already over. The one thing I love about “Y&R” is when they have a riveting storyline it truly delivers without any hiccup. I mean the return of Linden Ashby as Sharon’s obsessed and dangerous stalker who had already upped the ante within mere weeks of being in town was fantastic.

Not only was he stalking her, but he sent her odd gifts, he murdered Faith’s pet, he beat himself up and framed Nick for the assault, he kidnapped Faith and made acquaintances with Sally without her even knowing the danger in her orbit. That was just the beginning. This guy dug a tunnel leading to Sharon’s house, which he bugged! I like that the writers didn’t allow the madness to just simper, but I know I’m not the only viewer that wanted to see Cameron’s reign of terror continue for a few more weeks, if not months to be honest.

I’m still baffled that Chance couldn’t see the writing on the wall with all the danger that was lurking. Following the evidence, oh, I’m so tired of hearing that from people, especially authorities. When you have a victim from a threat, terrified to the core about their presence that should tell you everything you needed to know. With that said, Cameron kidnapped Faith and tied explosives to her. Sharon was forced to arm herself as she realized that the only way to rescue her daughter was to confront Cameron face-to-face.

That was easier said than done, after Cameron broke into Sharon’s home after Nick and Chance vacated. Yeah, to say this man is bold is an understatement people. It was a battle royale that was riveting television to witness. This proves why “Y&R” is the number one soap of daytime TV and will likely remain that way for a long time to come. This guy was indeed unhinged and the worst possible threat you can think of. I mean, cornering Sharon at her home, locking the door, refusing to divulge where Faith was, if this woman was not rattled to the core, she was soon about to be until Nick saved the day tackling the guy like a football player.

That scuffle only allowed Cameron to gain a bit of leverage as he escaped into the sewer where he was holding Faith. Sharon and Nick were fierce parents, but that changed was forced to end this Kirsten’s reign of terror by stabbing him, as he threatened to kill her and Faith. Yes, Cameron Kirsten is no more, he is dead. As quickly as he burst onto the scene, it all came to an end people, but the excitement of this story was everything I wanted and so much more. Kudos “Y&R” excellent job, as Sharon and Nick’s bond grows, another grows in devastation.

Sally Spectra, gosh can this woman just catch a break people. I was certain Sally would carry Adam’s baby to term, but nope, the writers had other plans and Sally suffered a miscarriage. This was just brutal as Elena informed Adam he had to choose between Sally and the baby and Adam was not prepared for this as he reached out to Nick, who was unable to respond because of the crisis he was battling.

Adam did what most would do, choosing Sally over their daughter. Sally was devastated with the loss and blamed Adam. I can see where this is headed; Adam and Sally will reunite, just as Sharon and Nick reunite. I’m ok with this move, I don’t love it, but the end result is exactly what I want to see people. There is also a major development worth discussing: Audra and Nate. These two are doing their best to become titans at Newman Enterprises. Nate, you already tried once to pull a coup and it fell flat on your face as a result. You’re planning to go toe-to-toe with Victor Newman and you plan to come out unscathed?

Audra you might be smooth, but a Newman is not one to play around with, especially Victor of all people. Nate is ready to make another power play and play co-chair to Victoria who is planning to force Nick to take a leave of absence with all the drama in his life. However, Audra and Nate got caught being very chummy that sent the antennas rising for Victoria. Yes, Victoria you are being played like a fiddle yet again, first Ashland, now Nate, and trust Elena will gloat to the Gods once Nate, Audra and Victoria all take a fall from grace. Oh, I cannot wait for this moment.

Summer and Kyle’s marriage is hanging by a thread, which Audra is hoping to take advantage of, just as Phyllis is realizing her little revenge plot is having far costlier consequences than she ever expected. Am I eager to see this Phyllis and Diane narrative end, as it started off fun, but the notion of Phyllis being deemed the Devil and Diane a Saint is driving me absolutely insane!