UNITED STATES—Well it’s that time of year, where sweets are upon us in full-force, thank Halloween for that. Yep, this is that time of year where candy invades the local retailers and our homes, and with the festive and spooky holiday taking place on the weekend, kids are certain to indulge 10 times more in the sweet treats.

I mean, just last week I was tempted to purchase two bags of candy that didn’t even last the week because everyone dabbled into those chocolatey treats. I’ll be honest, I’m someone who is a lover of things sweet versus chocolate. I mean if I had to pick my favorite candy of all-time it would be Dots. Yep, those chewy, gooey little treats that are shaped like little domes. Unfortunately, it’s not something that is commonly seen in retail stores.

Apologies for the diversion, candy is about to be a thorn in the lives of many adults and a happy time for many kids, but the goal of moderation is key. Too much of anything is bad, and for kids this is a time of year that if you don’t monitor those little treats they get before Halloween and after, you’ll been dealing with trouble. For starters, candy has an impact on the teeth. No one wants to go to the dentist, especially kids, so let it be known that overindulgence can lead to cavities and a host of other health problems. It’s okay to have a treat here and there, but in no capacity should you allow your child to eat more than 3-4 pieces of candy at a time. Why? Well, sweets have a way of boosting the energy level for kids? Do you really want to chase after a 3-year-old who is bouncing on all cylinders? Trust me it’s not a fun sight. In addition, overconsumption of candy can lead to tummy aches. Kids don’t think about that when they’re shoving one piece after another down there mouth.

As adults, we sometimes have to be the enemy. Trust me, your kid will thank you later. In our household, once that candy has been obtained it’s time to sort through it. Anything that is open, looks weird and just feels off gets tossed. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. In addition, sorting through your kids treats is something that should be done while the child is asleep. Trust me on this; you don’t want the little one whining up a storm. What they don’t see won’t hurt them, unfortunately there are those little ones with strong memories; they’ll know every single piece of candy they had before and after.

Let the child earn a treat for good behavior and doing chores. Don’t just let them have free reign at the candy basket. Trust me, you might think it’s not possible, but the child will eat a heaping if you allow them to. For those parents planning to pass out candy, don’t purchase the candy in massive loads. If the child sees the treats lying around the house, they are bound to sneak a piece or two throughout the day.

In addition, try to keep that candy hidden in a place that the child does not have easy access to. It’s never a bad idea to purchase candy that may not be as sweet or favorites of your little ones. That’s a good thing as it deters them for indulging a bit too much. If you purchase they enjoy, it’s likely that candy will slowly, but surely disappear.

Trust me, as an adult I still love candy, I even like the idea of having one piece of my favorite candy in the batch. Imagine kids do the same thing, but more focus on having multiple of their favorites. Candy is great it gets the energy boosted, but no one likes going to the dentists or having health problems. So remember moderation is key, not just as kids, but as adults also.