HOLLYWOOD—The ruse was great while it lasted on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” people, after weeks of dancing around his tryst with Juliet, Cane Ashby was finally forced to confess to his wife Lily that he cheated on her in Japan. I mean this incident happened so long ago, I kinda forgot about it, but that Juliet was obsessed with Cane, making it impossible for her to pull herself away from him.

She moved to Genoa City, she got a job and Brash and Sassy, which only made the tension between Cane and Juliet that much more palpable. After an incident in Los Angeles, Juliet found herself fired, but good ole Hilary was there to be the shoulder to cry on. Ok, I’m just going to say this: Hilary is a character that I absolutely hate. This woman has no redemption qualities in her whatsoever. She just seems determined to make everyone else’s life a complete nightmare. It is indeed true: misery loves company, especially when it comes to Hilary.

Cane continued to deny, deny and deny anything transpired with Juliet, even though during a deposition, video captured the two entering his hotel room and Juliet seen leaving his hotel room much later. If that video didn’t convince everyone, it was Juliet dropping the bomb that she was pregnant that finally got Lily and everyone else to open their eyes.

Lily was furious that her husband betrayed her trust, but as I pointed out, Lily did indeed cheat on Cane and he forgave her, so I think she needs to throw him a bone here people. I expected this twist to come into play because it only made sense from a writer’s perspective to keep Juliet around a bit longer. This only complicates the situation more for Victoria and her company. Which resulted in the boss firing Cane, who thought he would get a second chance. Cane, you forgot, Victoria is a Newman and a Newman never messes around when it come to business!

Lily is an emotional mess, and it’s apparent that Maddie and Charlie can sense the tension between their parents, and Hilary is capitalizing on that misery. She was ready to run the story about Juliet and Cane on her gossip show, but Devon begged his ex-wife not to do it. Hmm, it’s apparent that Hilary and Devon still have a torch for each other, I’m just waiting for the moment that these two jump into bed together giving into their lust for one another.

I mean that Fourth of July party made it evident that even though Hilary is getting cozy again with Jordan, she still has a torch for Devon who has moved onto Mariah; those two can’t keep their eyes off of each other. However, Hilary might want to be careful, because if Neil gets wind of any of her dirty tactics he will be out for blood. I mean look what the guy did when he discovered Hilary and Devon were hooking up behind his back, the guy is no saint people.

Another hot button storyline worth discussing is the situation involving Kevin, Chloe and Bella. Kevin has successfully tracked Chloe down, just as the two have orchestrated a plan to help Chloe escape against her doctor’s wishes to reunite her family. Of course, the audience knows that the plan will be a success because Greg Rikkart and Elizabeth Hendrickson are leaving “Y&R” in the coming weeks.

Viewers should caution because it could be possible that the bun in the oven for Juliet might not be Cane’s baby, if not than who is the daddy? I would argue it is no coincidence that Juliet seemed to get pregnant as the walls started to close in for Cane and Juliet. Who knows we could see a murder mystery pop up on “Y&R” which has not done such a storyline in years.