HOLLYWOOD—As a viewer I really did not think that Nelle’s plan to drive Carly Corinthos bonkers would really take this villainess (at times) that we love to root for to lose her marbles on “General Hospital.” However, Nelle surely thought about this plan carefully and it’s working just as she expected. The genius of this plan is that it’s done in small doses, but I’m wondering if Nelle had any idea that her nemesis spent time in a psych ward just like her. Is it cruel? Without a doubt, but the question that remains is how far is Nelle willing to go to cause Carly to truly spiral?

I mean Carly had no trouble spilling all her mishaps in the past to Griffin, who for a moment started to suspect that Carly might indeed be losing her mind, but after running that CT scan, he got confirmation what the audience already knew: Carly is not seeing things; someone is messing with her head. I mean I was certain that note on that flyer was legit, but Finn’s little brother, Chase proved Carly was indeed seeing things. The question that remains is just what Nelle will do that will cause her to slip up or reveal exactly what she is up to. Nelle has gone as far as to utilize Morgan’s favorite fragrance to spray it on his headstone to make Carly think her son is walking in the flesh. Its cruel, dead-right cruel and Nelle is smiling with happiness at the turn of the events as it seems Michael is re-opening that door to perhaps welcome Nelle back into his life.

Carly is going to face some major backlash from Sonny who is not happy with the fact that she approved for Mike to go to the park with Avery and her nanny. This is terrible news because when the nanny went to get treats, Mike and Avery vanished, and Sonny was livid. Oh, this plays perfectly with Ava’s plan to prove that Sonny is an unfair caretaker of their daughter, but what argument could Ava actually present.

I mean the woman is responsible for the death of two people, not to mention starting a fire that nearly killed her and sleeping her daughter’s boyfriend on more occasions than I can count. Those are just the fresh misdeeds that I can conjure up in my head at the moment. Ava might not be a great person, but she does indeed love her children America and that has to speak volumes for something. The whole Avery/Mike minor subplot is a bore because as a viewer it is so obvious where things are headed.

However, I think I’ve realized what Nelle’s downfall will be: Ava Jerome! As much as Ava hates Carly and Sonny, Morgan was dear to her and she has been rattled with guilt ever since. However, her snooping into Griffin’s file is indeed going to bite her in the bum, putting her back on that dark path that she road ushered in when she first arrived to Port Charles several years ago. It won’t take Griffin long to discover Ava’s betrayal and that will cause more friction than ever expected. Things get worse, because Nelle decided to snoop at Ava’s phone and saw those same test results. If there is one person’s bad side you don’t want to be on, it is Ava Jerome, Nelle!

Peter August’s true identity has been revealed to some, but the people who REALLY need to know: Maxie, Anna, Nina, Jason, Drew and Sam have not yet discovered the truth. With Griffin, Valentin and now Ava and Nelle (getting close to learning the truth), May sweeps is looking awfully juicy to reveal the big bomb. I mean Anna and Jason have jetted off to Switzerland with their plan to get their hands on Faison’s security box and track the finances of P.K. Sinclair, but there was a bit of a thorn in the mix: Robert Scorpio.

Yes, Anna’s (true love in my opinion), Robin’s father and the one guy who can solve a mystery unlike any other has returned to help his ex-wife in her mission. The question remains rather Anna is willing to reveal to Robert that she had a son with Faison that she gave up for adoption? The conversation is brewing, but Anna hasn’t dropped the bomb just yet.

Switzerland was fun because Jason ran into Sam in Switzerland of all places and the two discussed clues about Heinrik’s mother of all people, and something tells me that beyond Robert someone else will learn about Anna’s secret besides Valentin. Jason and Sam had to rescue Spinelli whose plan backfired, just as Alexis arrived concerned about the wellbeing of her daughter. We also have that subplot involving the sexual harassment of Kiki at the hands of Dr. Bensch. I always find it interesting to see the soap arena take a character that seems promising and completely turns them into a villain overnight.

We also see some glimmers of hope for a possible relationship between brothers Chase and Finn, but it seems the writers are not 100 percent certain what to do with the character of Chase besides being a cop and at odds with his older brother who he barely knows. “General Hospital” if you’re going to introduce a new character, you really gotta give them something to do to elevate the storyline!