HOLLYWOOD—So many things happened on the 4th of July, besides celebrating our country’s independence, Kanye West wants to add President to his resume. It’s not enough being a rapper, producer, and fashion designer? Kanye took to social media to reveal his personal interest about running for President of the United States. The rapper received backing from his friend Elon Musk who tweeted, “You have my full support!” Kanye became the topic of discussion on Twitter.

Soon after Kanye West announced his desire to run, Paris Hilton posted on her Instagram her desire to run for U.S. President. With a caption, “Make America Hot Again!” The race is starting to get crowded- Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kanye, and now Paris. Paris, 39, announced an election bid on July 5 on social media, just one day after Kanye. “The Simple Life” alum tweeted, “Paris for President.” It is unclear if both Kanye and Paris seriously are considering running for office in the 2020 US elections, or just joking around.

Following the Yeezy designer on Instagram, actor John Stamos announced his own presidential campaign. He revealed campaign posters featuring himself and his “Full House” co-star Bob Saget. What has the world come to!

On a serious note, actor Tom Hanks, who recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year, has said, he “has no respect” for people who decline to wear a mask in public during the pandemic. The actor and his wife Rita Wilson both tested positive for coronavirus while filming in Australia in March. On July 7, Melbourne, Australia has apparently gone on lockdown again, according to published reports. As more and more countries and states have been requiring masks outside. Tom Hanks was named the recipient of the Cecil B DeMille award at the Golden Globes earlier this year.

Tom Hanks, the two-time Oscar winner, who won best actor prize for “Philadelphia” and “Forest Gump” in the 1990s, has a new film out titled, “Greyhound,” it was due to be released in theaters. Due to COVID-19, it will be screened on Apple TV instead.  As we know, many cinemas around the world remain closed to slow down the spread amid the pandemic.

According to Hanks, he said, “Greyhound,” was made for the big screen. In the movie, Hanks plays Commander Ernest Krause, a naval officer embarking on his first mission of World War II. Hanks also wrote the screenplay. We all know not an easy task to write a screenplay. The script was adapted from the 1955 CS Forester novel “The Good Shepherd.” The film is a satisfying war film, a naval epic, high-seas stakes and battles, with gunfire through the dark as sea-spray washes aboard. A compelling detail and good action, full of dimensions and dynamics.

Hanks, 63, wants everyone to do their part, wear a mask and social distance, that’s the message he wants to convey to everyone. Hanks is concerned that the country will continue to fight against the virus and wants every single one of us to do their part. The truth of the matter is COVID-19 is real and many have died, sometimes we just need a celebrity to point out the importance of wearing a mask.

Rose’s Scoop: Sadly, we lost another celebrity to coronavirus, Nick Cordero, 41, passed away on July 5,  after 90 days in the hospital from the coronavirus.