HOLLYWOOD—After what seems like less than 2 months on the air, Donald Trump has crowned a new apprentice. In a season that has been perhaps one of the guiltiest pleasures, since that terrific season that featured Joan and Melissa Rivers, it came down to Geraldo Rivera and Leeza Gibbons. So any guesses as to who won?

Of course, it was Leeza who won “Celebrity Apprentice!” Did anyone think Geraldo would win? The two-hour episode was more of a celebration of the past season. The audience got snippets of the final challenge, as Geraldo and Leeza worked to put the final touches on their commercial for Universal Studios.

I mean both commercials were good, but it was obvious from the get go that Leeza had this in the bag. The big concern was the fundraising challenge, where everyone predicted Geraldo would easily blow away the competition. Well, not this time around. Leeza earned close to $350,000 compared to Geraldo’s $146,000.

It’s been a trend in the boardroom of Mr. Trump announcing, “It wasn’t even close.” That’s the big question, when was the last time we had a board room duel, where the audience didn’t have a clue as to precisely who would be victorious in one of the challenges.

A few highlights of the night included that tribute to one of the funniest ladies of all-time and “Celebrity Apprentice” winner Joan Rivers. I must admit she was the reason I got hooked on the show in the first place. The viewers still didn’t get an answer to what happened to Vivica A. Fox’s phone. Kenya was grilled by Mr. Trump, as well as Vivica and Brandi Glanville, who were almost certain that Kenya took the phone and tweeted out that nasty message.

At first I didn’t want to believe it, but in that confessional Kenya did admit to having an ulterior plan if she lost the challenge. I have a feeling phone gate was apart of that. So after it was revealed Leeza had won the final challenge, the time came for the candidates to plead their cases to Mr. Trump in the boardroom. Did Geraldo have a chance? Hmm, it depends on who you ask. Was he a formidable foe throughout the season without a doubt? He won a few challenges, but his team did lose five challenges in a row, mainly because of ideas that he suggested and were used in the challenges.

Even after Donald placed Kenya on the team, the group still lost two more challenges. It wasn’t until Leeza joined the team that they finally got a win under their belt after a losing streak that was just horrendous. So that argument alone was enough for me to crown Leeza champion. It also didn’t hurt that she was one hell of a project manager; staying calm, collective and poised through each challenge given to her or her team.

Geraldo did his best to argue his case, but the audience knew, as well as Geraldo that this victory was Leeza’s from the start. If he had won a few more challenges, than I would argue Mr. Rivera had a convincing case, but his resume this season couldn’t compare to what Leeza had done. If Mr. Trump was able to assemble a cast of this magnitude, I can only imagine what plans he might have in store for “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2016!