HOLLYWOOD—Last week we learned the contestants who will be competing for the first ever U.S. version of “Celebrity Big Brother.” For all of those eager BB fans, this week we got a taste of just how the celebrities are interacting with one another as they compete for a $250,000 grand prize and the premiere episode of the reality hit. I was eager to see how this version of Big Brother would be vastly different from what fans of the show are used to seeing. What is that? The celebs are a bit more aware of their surroundings and what they say.

However, the interesting development is we have an alliance that has NEVER in the history of BB worked: an all-girls alliance, aimed at taking out the guys. Yes, in normal BB contestants have attempted such an alliance, but like most women cattiness and betrayal always leads to the explosion of most alliances. Per usual we saw the introductions of each of our contestants, however, I instantly saw an alliance in the making with Ross Matthews and Brandi Glanville. Metta World Peace seems so out of place in this house, and I wonder how long he will last. I’m calling it now; my pick to win it all is Shannon Elizabeth. Being a fan of BB, I am well aware that she is a superfan and understands the ins and outs when it comes to strategy and how to play BB to win.

However, the biggest highlight of the night was seeing the celebrities react to Omarosa being one of the contestants entering the BB house. The level of schmoozing with these people to stay on Omarosa’s good side was hilarious to say the least. Marissa did her best to hold her reaction, but oh, that was epic fun to watch, as well as Ross. I was well aware that Marissa and Shannon knew each other from starring in “Scary Movie” and that secret alliance might work to their advantage. Omarosa is already proving to be a character on the small screen people; she is indeed entertaining, but the fact that James had NO IDEA who Omarosa was, left me in stitches.

Seems no one knows who James really is, but there is a rivalry already brewing between Brandi and James and who traded spars over singing? Can you believe that Omarosa was the one to initiate a girl’s alliance? Shannon be careful, spilling too much detail to Omarosa will haunt you because she will stab you in the back quicker than you can count to three. Shannon and Omarosa are major social threats in that house, but I can easily see Marissa, Keisha or Brandi first turning on the alliance as they aim to take out the boys.

Now we get to the fun part which involves the first Head of Household competition which involves the celebs holding onto what looks like an award. The last person standing would become the first HOH for the week. First twist of the game, the houseguest standing behind the winning star was safe for first eviction, but as a result could not compete in the first HOH competition. That person turned out to be Omarosa (hmmm) who was safe for the week, ugh; it would have been nice to see her fight for her life.

OMG, why in the world is BB continuing to push Paul from BB18 and BB19 onto the audience, because he made BB19 the worse?! He was not the only BB alumni we spotted in the abode as the audience saw Rachel, Jody (Cody and Jessica BB19), Jodi (BB14) and Jessie (BB10 and BB11), serenading the houseguests.. Marissa was the first to fall, shortly followed by Metta and then Mark. I mean we’re not even 20 minutes into the competition and these celebs suck. So still in the game are James, Shannon, Brandi, Keisha and Ariadna.

James was the last guy standing and the ladies started dropping like flies so it was between Shannon and James for the prize and I have to say James delivered some hilarious quips during the episode. James was attempting to barter a deal, but Omarosa who spotted it, tried to nip it in the bud. Nice. In the end it was Shannon who was crowned the first HOH.

If we thought things were over, they weren’t as Julie delivered another surprise, a BB gift bag that had a surprise inside. Julie revealed that Shannon was HOH for the moment, hmm very interesting, this special power will allow the person in possession of the ‘power to recast’ to take the HOH from Shannon and totally reshape the game as we know it. Now that is a game changer America, why hasn’t a power like this been unleashed on regular BB? It’s funny the people receiving the most air time tonight were James, Shannon, Omarosa and Ross. It was almost as if Keisha and Ariadna were non-existent!

Be warned this elevated version of “Big Brother” will be moving at a rapid pace. We have an episode on Thursday to learn who is nominated and a 2-hour episode on Friday, where we will learn who won the Power of Veto and just exactly who is the first celebrity evicted from the BB house. Oh, BB fans we have been given a fun gift in “Celebrity Big Brother” which I think should be a yearly trend!