HELLO AMERICA!—Julliard trained actor Chad Ratto is riding high these days, enjoying every minute of it. He has been tested for several TV pilots and is up for a few motion pictures give up, to keep the faith and good things turn for the better.

MSJ:  The last time we talked, you were not as ecstatic about your career as you are now, what happened to make you smile so much?

CR: When things seemed never to change for the better, then that’s when something happened, I began to get calls for all types of shows and plays. I even got a call for a role as a male stripper!  I thought of some of my former class mates at Julliard, how they would be shocked seeing me doing a character like that! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing someone like that, but I’ve only played a more tamed and quiet kind of characters.

MSJ: I take it that you just won’t do just any kind of role or play just to be in front of a camera?

CR: You got that right! I believe that you’ve got to maintain certain standards; there are things or characters that just don’t fit who I am as an actor or entertainer.  As an actor you’ve got to know how far to go.

MSJ: Evidently, you’ve been auditioning or testing for a certain kind of role then?

CR: Yeah.  I’m more of the boy next door type or the good friend who everyone counts on.  I would have been perfect for shows like Father Knows Best or even The Brady Bunch. I guess I want to play characters that people or other young people like and admire.  There are so many other kinds of characters who represent so many bad things and the evil side of life. I feel there are still wonderful experiences to share with others.  I think it is great people can leave the theater smiling or laughing or even tearing up because emotionally they identified with something or someone in the story they identified with.

MSJ: Do you identify more with the actors of the past then those of today or your generation?

CR: Of course I admire actors like James Stewart, Orson Welles, James Dean, Michael Parks, there are so many because of the choices they made and it paid off in a big way. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about them today; they made an impression in a big way. James Franco, I believe is one to watch.  He has that James Dean kind of subtle magic that makes you not take your eyes off of him.  He’s going to be around a long time, mark my word.

MSJ: What are your immediate plans?  Do you have something in the works that makes you feel that 2014 might be your year?

CR: Yes, I do.  There is something being worked on right now that I’m excited about but I don’t want to discuss it until it is firmed. And you’ll be the first to know when I’m aloud to announce it.

MSJ: Are you happy with your life right now?

CR: Extremely!  I see myself more as an adult not the kid from San Francisco who was lucky enough to go to Juilliard. I feel like an actor.