HOLLYWOOD─I have to start by saying this, because it worries me that the writers of “The Bold and the Beautiful” are traveling down a similar path yet again. I mean really, do we have to see this tale of the Liam, Steffy and Hope love triangle yet again. Why, oh why does this still keep happening? I mean I cannot be the only viewer who is sick and tired of this storyline.

It is recycled, it is boring and it brings nothing to the table to drive excitement for fans. I mean what was it, like 5 minutes ago that Hope dumped him after seeing Liam kiss Steffy and he’s already smooching with Steffy? Even Brooke has urged Liam to fix things with his relationship with Hope.

This waffling has been ongoing for what feels like a decade and this is a clear message to the writers: COME UP WITH ANOTHER STORYLINE for this three characters? Jeez, find Steffy another man already. She NEVER had Liam; he was always in love with Hope! She just continued to undercut the situation, the same way she is doing now. That kiss was orchestrated, and how does Steffy think things will end when Brooke, Hope, Liam and the rest of the gang learns about her and Thomas’ plan?

Steffy should already be well aware that her brother machinations are not good, I mean he kept the fact that the daughter she was raising actually belonged to Hope. That is indeed a big secret to be kept hidden and how she cannot connect the dots that her brother will bring her down when he goes down in flames I cannot explain. Steffy was on the verge of telling the truth, but Thomas interrupted that truth from coming to light.

Now that I’ve gotten my rant about the Steffy and Liam’s romance out, let’s talk about something that is fascinating narrative right now: Sally Spectra. We teased Sally’s illness a few weeks ago, but now we know that its serious, so serious that Sally is knocking on death’s door. With that said, she has at least one confidant by her side: Katie Logan. If there is anyone who knows about life-threatening illnesses its Katie and this woman has been on death’s doorstep more times than I can count. The scenes from actress Courtney Hope after learning about her devastating illness are already screaming Daytime Emmy Award people.

It is so nice to finally get the opportunity to see this actress show her capabilities with a meaty storyline, versus the writer’s not knowing what to do with the actress’ character. I mean she was with Thomas (they were great together), then Liam, then Wyatt, dumped by Wyatt, who is now acting like he’s hurt by what he has done. Like I said, I’m not a fan of Flo and Wyatt, they don’t have the same level of chemistry that Wyatt and Sally have. Katie was sworn to secrecy, but she first dropped the bomb on Bill who was speechless (that is a rarity), then on Wyatt who was stunned. So much for swearing to Sally that you’d stay quite Katie?

Yeah, Wyatt not only did you break Sally’s heart, you did it during a time where her health is at its absolute lowest. Now that he knows the truth, he is now doing what Liam has always done: waffling between two women. It’s no question Wyatt is about to abandon Flo to be by Sally’s side, but the question is for how long. We’ve been teased about a big death on “The Bold and the Beautiful” this year. I’m seriously hoping it’s not Sally Spectra, because it’s predictable at this point. An unexpected death is always way more exciting than something you expect.

With that said, Thomas’ latest plan to get his clutches in Hope and rid himself of Brooke Logan even took his pal Vinny by storm. Here’s the question I have. If Vinny is so disturbed by his pal’s truth, why the hell has he not shared those details with Thomas’ family to get him the help he needs? It looks like you’re enabling him more than anything. With that said, Douglas became center attention for Thomas’ latest stunt, which Hope was not happy about one bit, neither was Douglas. Let me be clear about this: Thomas Forrester is a sociopath.

However, the actual chaos came courtesy of the ongoing feud between Quinn and Brooke. Quinn went to drastic measures to get back at Brooke by spiking her juice knowing that Brooke is a recovering alcoholic. The trick has seemed to work because Brooke has been craving a drink ever since. Too bad Quinn didn’t think because this is going to haunt her because if Eric finds out what she did, their marriage is over, not to mention the fact that Thomas knows what she did. Does she think Thomas won’t use that information against her if need be? They’re in cahoots, so when there plan to take down Brooke blows up, both should be worried.

February sweeps has surely been heating up on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but the question I have to ask is when will things boil over people?