HOLLYWOOD—If there is ever a soap that is NOT afraid to kill off a character, its “Days of Our Lives.” Why? Well Charlie Dale aka as the guy who sexually assaulted Allie, kidnapped his mother Ava and framed his brother Tripp is dead. Yes, Charlie met his maker last week after pleading for his life. He was shot in the chest, and Rafe made the grisly discovery, before he came face-to-face with a pal from the past: Sami Brady! That is right America, Sami Brady is back and she is a force to be reckoned with.

She has already been arrested for Charlie’s murder considering her prints were on the weapon, but we already know Sami is not the culprit; it’s too easy. So let’s take a look at the suspects: Ava, Tripp, Allie, Nicole, Lucas, Kate, Claire, Ben, Belle, Shawn, John, hell you can even add Rafe to that list. There are plenty of people who would want Charlie dead, so now it’s all about putting the piece of the puzzle together to discover the real culprit.

Along the way, Sami had to reach out to her sister, Belle for legal representation. Remember these siblings are on bad terms after Sami brought Jan Spears back into their orbit and nearly got Belle and Claire killed as a result. I will admit it was nice seeing the dynamic between these sisters return to the foray, not to mention Ava admitting she was responsible for shaping Carlie into the monster that he had become. Well if we’re being honest its true people; her neglect to love him forced him to take drastic measures.

That is not the only chaos in Salem, Kristen and Susan swapped roles. Susan is in the slammer getting to know Vivian, while Kristen is in Salem keeping tabs on Brady and realizing that his bond with Chloe is indeed building people. I like Chloe and Brady together; they were always a cute couple and had great chemistry in my honest opinion. The Chloe and Phillip pairing I don’t get it, but hopefully the writers will see there is more to play with when it comes to Chloe and Brady.

Another rivalry reaching its peak is Gwen vs. Abigail. Yes, Abigail wants to bring her sister down and has turned to Gabi Hernandez of all people to make that happen. Gabi was skeptical at first, but finally agreed to help her pal and rightfully so. Gwen caused ruptures in both of their lives so to see them kidnap Gwen and stash her in the DiMera tunnels gave Gwen a taste of her own medicine people.

Love is in the air for Sarah and Xander, but not all are happy, especially Chloe who has warned her pal to be careful of Xander, and a face from the past will return to provide another hiccup: Rex Brady. He’ll be on the canvas real soon so it is only going to become more complicated in Salem. We cannot wrap up our discussion without talking about Ciara and Ben and Evan. Yes, that Evan people, he seems to have taken over for Rhodes who is now dead, as is Vincent.

So Ciara is at the mercy of Evan the guy who she exposed as being Jordan’s true killer and Orpheus’ son. Evan wants his revenge and he has every right to want it America. Ben and Ciara are suffering from shared dreams where each learn the other has died, but if the audience expects a Romeo and Juliet-esque ending, think again cause I don’t see it, but it would be a welcome twist if it was Ben to save Ciara only to die in the process of doing so.