HOLLYWOOD—There has been a lot of shenanigans on the ABC soap “General Hospital” as of late. So where do we begin? Um the fact that we lost 2 villains, Peter August and Cyrus Renault! We got confirmation Peter is dead in that flashback, where Elizabeth and Finn hid his body in a freezer. Am I secretly hoping someone found Peter’s body and it has vanished? Yes, without a doubt, as it would just amplify the intensity of finding Peter August people.

In addition, because it feels like the writers are pairing a possible Finn and Liz romance, and right at this moment I just don’t see the sparks people. Finn has his hands full though trying to find a cure for Chase, who has his body shutting down as a result of injecting that poison courtesy of Peter. Chase’s loved ones have been rallying around him, especially Willow, who has put her romance with Michael on pause as a direct result. Let’s just say Jax blackmailing Michael doesn’t help the situation. With concern of Chase’s life span growing, he asked Willow to marry him as his last dying wish. Sasha knows, Brook Lynn knows, Willow’s heart skips for Michael, so imagine Michael having to watch the woman he loves marry another man thinking he’s going to die.

However, this is a soap opera people, so a twist is headed our way. That initial antidote didn’t work because Finn is NOT Chase’s father, Gregory is! Predictable? Yes, without a doubt people. However, Finn got working on a cure after Cyrus’ snide remarks to Jackie and as soon as Willow and Chase married, he flat-lined and Finn was there with the antidote to inject in his brother to save his life. Now comes the crazy part: Willow and Chase are married. He’s going to survive so what happens next? Well let’s make Michael, Willow and the audience continue to feel bad for Chase. How so? His legs are paralyzed. Yes, poor Chase. This guy has been put thru the ringer, and just when you thought Willow was about to tell him the truth, another curveball is delivered his way people.

It is going to be a devastating blow when Chase learns the truth about Willow and Michael’s romance which the writer’s teased the first time these characters crossed paths. I already see a Brook Lynn and Chase hookup in the near future, and if I’m being honest those two characters have better chemistry amongst one another. With that said, Brook Lynn is still keeping up the charade that Bailey is her ‘daughter’ when we all know in truth, that is Maxie’s child. Maxie is an emotional mess keeping up the lie about her baby, while Dante, Austin and Sam investigate. If ONLY Maxie knew Peter was dead courtesy of Liz and Finn, she could go get Louise and bring her home now.

The only problem is Valentin. The man is bonding with Bailey and is going to be livid, and I mean livid when he learns about Brook Lynn’s deception people. We could see the old Valentin come back into the mix and I’m worried what he might do as a result. We touched briefly on Austin and we need to know more. We still don’t have a last name, but he seems to be drawn the Quartermaine family, particularly Michael Corinthos. So is Austin a long-lost Quartermaine who is about to make his presence in Port Charles known. We don’t know yet, but this is a mystery I’m eager to see playout.

In other PC news, Jason and Britt are not sure how to handle their romance, which has Carly on edge knowing her bestie might have a torch for another woman now that Sam is out of the picture. Carly wants Jason all too herself, and it looks like she won’t be getting that people. Nina is back in Port Charles after departing Nixon Falls, and the writers are hinting that ‘Mike’ aka Sonny might arrive in Port Charles any day now to surprise Nina and oh, I would kill for that moment for Carly and the rest of Sonny’s family to discover he is very much alive.

That won’t be good news for Nina, especially if it is revealed that she has known that Sonny was alive for months and kept mum on things. In other news, Ava and Nikolas’ stalker is amplifying the threat level. So much that they’ve left Wyndemere for the time being and checked into a suite at the Metro Court, but the stalker still has access. Could it be Ryan Chamberlain? I doubt it, it seems too easy, but all the signs headed in Ava and Nikolas’ direction seem to imply that. I think the real stalker is doing that intentionally.

There has been rumor of Spencer being the threat, but that just seems silly. I’m not holding out hope that it could possibly be Morgan Corinthos. Everyone thinks he’s dead, but we never saw a body America and in the soap arena that means there is always hope people. It was also nice to see Liz and Carly, who have never been besties bond over the loss of their husbands. Carly was actually civil for once America, who knew that was possible.