HOLLYWOOD—Man, we knew Chloe was hiding out, but I never expected the writers to be to actually kill of her character on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” I hate to say it, but Chloe has been the driving force for several major storylines in the past year on the soap, without her, quite a bit of the storylines were slightly flat if you ask me.

However, with Victor working his magic to hide Chloe, no one every expected that she was hiding out in Louisiana with her doctor. Chloe did not look good when the bomb dropped of her secret hiding place. Making the situation worse, Chloe was on the verge of attacking her doctor, but managed to hold onto her rage. However, as Chelsea and Nick got closer to discovering her location, Chloe decided to take her own life. Yup, Chloe overdosed on pills, just as Chelsea desperately fought for her pal to stay alive, if not for Kevin, but her daughter Bella.

Now some speculation has raised that Chloe isn’t dead, and her death might be a ruse courtesy of Victor Newman. Victor has done some devious things in the past, and I can understand his reasoning for wanting to avenge the death of his son Adam. However, Victor you utilized a woman who was already battling some demons courtesy of your son killing her daughter. There is no way in the world Victor could have expected Chloe not to want justice for her daughter Delia.

As news of Chloe’s demise hit Genoa City, questions were raised if more could have been done to save Chloe. Billy who seemed to cut Chloe off in my opinion after the death of his daughter cried for his former lover and the mother of his child, Chelsea was riddled with guilt as she should be, and Nick seemed somber about the result. The more you dig people, you get the result you least expected.

Making the situation worse, was watching Kevin (Greg Rikkart) come to grips that the woman he loved is now gone, and the daughter he just learned was his, will now grow up without a mother. That is a tough and I mean tough pill to swallow people. Kevin has been an emotional mess, so much to the point that even Gloria and Esther have bonded during this difficult time to be the emotional support Kevin needs at this time.

So imagine the fireworks that exploded when Chelsea and Nick decided to crash Chloe’s funeral. It was some sensational acting from Rikkart, Joshua Morrow and Melissa Claire Egan. Chelsea thought she was doing the right thing, but she only ended up forcing Kevin to unleash the rage that he had been holding onto. I still find it odd that Nick and Victoria are so rattled by the death of Adam considering how badly they treated their sibling when he was actually alive.

It’s apparent that Chloe’s death has set the stage for Kevin to bid adieu to Genoa City, as Rikkart is set to exit the show this summer. However, imagine that moment on Tuesday’s episode when Kevin was about to bid his final farewell to lover, when suddenly the casket opened and a handed protruded. Kevin so stunned with what he was seeing passed out. And with the snap of a finger, Chloe’s body in that casket just vanished. Hmm, interesting twist people, interesting in dead. So where is Chloe?

There is indeed another big tale making waves on the soap: the Juliet and Cane tryst. Hilary has learned about Cane’s betrayal and is using that information to her benefit. Man this woman is just plain evil; she could care less about the people that she hurts. She has one goal and one goal only: cause havoc. However, I suspect Hilary’s latest plan is going to explode and I mean explode in her face once its discovered what she has done.

Juliet has now filed a sexual harassment suit against Brash and Sassy, which has Victoria and Billy seething mad. However, we all know this is Hilary’s doing and Cane’s failure to admit his tryst to Lily, who seems blissfully happy, but this will indeed destroy her world. However, we can’t forget that Lily cheated on Cane and he forgave her. However, I’m just counting down the moments where Hilary and Lily have a drag out confrontation.

This will only further push Devon away from his ex as he realizes she hasn’t changed the least bit. I can sense that Juliet might be on her way out of Genoa City, but the big question of the hour is how she will exit. I’ve noted before I see a fatal attraction style storyline coming our way on the soap. With Chloe MIA, this might set the stage for plenty of more surprises along the way on the soap.