HELLO AMERICA!─Christopher Cavalier is his name! Rather classic isn’t it. Well, the young man himself is indeed very special in so many ways. He is not only an exceptional model, actor, but is extremely talented in the technology of film making as well. Having worked with Chris on several film projects, it was quite obvious that he was preparing himself for any and every facet of creating films on many levels.

“All my life,” he exploded with,” I have always wanted to make film making my life’s work. I love dealing with the camera, deciding angles, being aware of shadows to make what side of who or what I’m shooting explode with new dramatic awareness!”

Chris admitted that growing up in northern California, as well as the southern California, it was impossible not to be affected by the historical significance of it all, especially, when each and every day, you face billboards, film books and general publications concerning studio happenings.

“It was second nature to take a quick look at the industry trades concerning books being considered for a film or even a hit Broadway play or musical being grabbed up by a major studio for one of their stars.” Of course, taking classes at the local community colleges further enhanced his dreams of commanding a place for himself as a filmmaker.

“I had an innate hunger to see many of the outstanding films of yesterday. I wanted to understand why they were considered special,” he explained.

“When watching “Gone With the Wind” [it] was very special. I noticed the lighting, special effects, costumes, film background matting, everything evolving around a scene’s reality. Of course, the actors and how the camera made them what they were attempting to make an audience believe. For me, it was completely filling up my life’s dream with me being in complete artistic control was overwhelming!”

Chris found that shooting interviews with well-known performers in the industry was a mind blowing experience. After all, no matter what the atmosphere was or environment, it was his responsibility to make the experience different and special. “Well,” he explained, “It was and still is important to know that many actors project a different look and personality different from that on the screen. What their fans might believe who and what they are could be quite different from reality. For example, because of the lighting and angles it might give an actor a more magical, hypnotic look when in reality, they might project very different even dull look. Again, it is the magic of the camera and the technicians on the set or a genuine experience camera guy on an interview.”

Chris offered that working as a model in his early years with the cameras pointing at him was when he really became friends with the various leads capturing his every turn and mood. “You learn that every breath, every move, no matter how small is captured and adds to whatever you as a character or subject is making when facing a live camera. “In film classes we watched exciting actors such as Marlon Brando, Cagney, James Dean, Sydney Poitier, Denzel Washington; every move told you something which made you see who they really were or what they were thinking as the character.”

Chris admitted this is something he attempted to capture even when shooting an interview for TV. “After all, it is quite a challenge to make a few minutes special insert for the audience. It is important to remember. It is all entertainment and this is what captures the general market. It is a kind of escapism for an audience from their daily humdrum responsibilities.”

The more Chris and I talked I realized that he will definitely make a special place in the entertainment industry. He has an innate respect for people generally, and that’s paramount when creating stories about human beings and their general daily challenges to survive.

“I have found, even at this early stage in my life, that what people want most is respect and, yes LOVE as well. And they will do almost anything to get it. For me, of course, I too desire the same things, but fortunately I am hopelessly addicted to watching and observing those finite things, those natural human reactions which tells you more than any words can.”