UNITED STATES—Fall is here, and with that said many of you probably know the holidays are starting to usher in with full force. I mean we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, Christmas is about 3 months away, and you’re already seeing the Christmas decorations in the stores and chatter starting to build about Christmas shopping and what some coin the most joyous day of the entire year. For those thinking, retailers will be open on Thanksgiving Day, think again. A bevy of retailers in the first time in years (at least since I can recall) will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

So do you know what that means? Black Friday will actually transpire on Black Friday America, and it’s about freakin’ time. I mean I loved the notion of getting up during the wee hours the day after Thanksgiving with family to get some Xmas shopping done and the opportunity to secure bargains that I cannot find anywhere else. However, what if I told you that I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping; what would you say?

You would probably say that I’m crazy, but about 80 percent of my shopping is done for those in my family that I plan to purchase gifts for. How did I do it? I hate to say it this pandemic almost became a blessing in disguise when it comes to garnering exceptional deals. I mean retailers had their doors closed for months, so when they opened, I was able to nab deals unlike anything ever before. I mean I literally purchased a $200 pair of Columbia winter boots for only $10! That is a steal. I got Levi jeans for $5, saving more than 95 percent off the regular price.

So yeah, I stock piled things not just for myself, but picked up a few gifts earlier than expected. I love Christmas, but if there is anything that has ever driven me crazy about the holiday its waiting last minute trying to find the perfect gift for a sibling or parent who is so hard to buy for, but also staying within my budget, but getting them something they actually like in the process. Trust me America it is not easy, but at the same time, when you can make something happen and you spot a bargain that is just such a good deal you cannot pass it up, don’t pass the deal up.

I will admit it sucks to hear so many retailers who have gone out of business because of this pandemic. It’s not just scary it’s frustrating as hell because you can no longer return to that retailer. You have to find a new place to indulge in your shopping habits or to purchase items for the house, the kids or yourself. Christmas tends to put so many of us in dire financial straits because we do more than what we should be doing, which results in us needing to focus on how we are going to pay off that debt. With that said, when an opportunity arises where you can save a few bucks doesn’t that make a ton of sense America? It does in my book, so take advantage while you can, and for those who took advantage of those great deals, you’re a winner.

Written By Zoe Mitchell