BEVERLY HILLS—Sales on all tobacco products are being considered to be banned in the city of Beverly Hills.

During a Beverly Hills City Council Study Session on Tuesday, February 12, Mayor Julian Gold and Vice Mayor John Mirisch proposed the ban that would make Beverly Hills the first city in the nation to prohibit all sales of tobacco.

According to city of Beverly Hills spokesperson Keith Sterling, discussion on the ban is very early in development and will likely take place near the end of the year, where the public will be able to provide input. When asked by Canyon News what prompted the proposal, Sterling replied, “We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

The proposal has been meet with some criticism from tobacco retailers. Mark Kamm, salesman from the Tobacco store The Tinder Box indicated he thought this would go too far.

“It’s up to the individual to do or not do! Another right is being taken from us. This is something which should and must be protested,” said Kamm in a Facebook post.

The city previously passed the law to prohibit flavored tobacco and smoking in all multi-unit dwellings, including rental and owner-occupied dwellings, which went into effect in January 2019. Smoking is currently allowed only at private smoker lounges, in designated hotel/motel areas and within the public right-of-way if actively traveling.

Recent laws have been credited for the city of Beverly Hills being awarded an ‘A’ Grade for overall tobacco control by the American Lung Association.