BEVERLY HILLS—Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse has called for the Beverly Hills City Council to hold a special meeting on Tuesday, March 6 to discuss additional security options at the city’s five public schools, including assigning additional officers to each school campus.

According to the city of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Police Department Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli will present a security plan that supplements the School Resource Officer program and includes assigning additional officers as a temporary measure until the Beverly Hills Unified School District is able to execute adequate security measures.

Among the recommendations that the City Council will discuss include assigning five police officers, one for each of the five campuses, and holding dedicated School Resource Officer office hours at each school. The city of Beverly Hills will continue to provide Traffic Control Officers for pick-up and drop-off times and perform planned and unplanned school drills.

Some of the benefits of the proposed program include:

-High police visibility around campus.

-Open communication between police and students, faculty and parents.

-Collaboration with Beverly Hills Unified School District administrators on contemporary training issues (e.g. campus safety, bullying, cyber-stalking, shaming, social media awareness).

-Improving students’ school performance and attendance.

-Encouraging students to choose a lifestyle free from crime, drugs, gangs and violence.

-Providing students with exemplary role models and/or mentors.

The special meeting will take place on March 6, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber before the regular City Council meeting.