GRIFFITH PARKThe Los Angeles City Council has proposed a controversial plan to operate the Griffith Park Greek Theatre on their own terms.

The Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners, voted for the theater to operate as an “open venue” which would give no single company total control of the property and events. The parks commission wanted Live Nation to run the theater, but the city council opposed the idea after local groups began showing support for Nederlander, who currently is on contract. Local groups have shown support for Nederlander whose contract ends in October. The promotional company has also offered to pay higher rent if their contract extension was approved.

Under the new proposal, the city would take ownership over the Greek Theatre. This will give them control over the concert calendar, while letting other promotional companies such as Live Nation and Nederlander, book acts through them. The $2 million venue would become a $3 million to $4.8 million revenue center for the city.

Opponents of the idea believe the city does not have the resources to tackle this project. Michael Shull the parks commission’s Department General Manager, noted that the city is not going to directly manage the venue. They would instead outsource a company to manage the operations.

The city council will vote on Wednesday, April 29 to allow the city to operate the theater temporarily until a long term company can be found to manager the venue.