HOLLYWOOD─I have chatted about this a bit in the past, but I’m really loving that “General Hospital,” “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” are airing classic episodes of the soaps. Why? It reminds of us how great soaps used to be back in the day, not to mention all the iconic characters who have either died or not been on the soap in years. I mean I totally forgot Scott Clifton got his start on “General Hospital” before moving to “The Bold and the Beautiful” people.

I mean some of our favs have jumped around on so many soaps in the past before landing in their current home. The same applies for Don Diamont who is almost unrecognizable as Brad on “The Young and the Restless” compared to his villainous portrayal of Bill Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” It’s hard seeing Heather Tom in that role of Victoria Newman, who was so docile and pure, and we have the polar opposite with Victoria’s current portrayer Amelia Heinle. I can continue to go on and on about faces that you might be surprised where their soap career actually started. With that said, the things about classic soap episodes is the writing was far more superior than what we’re seeing now, the villains were a ton of fun and some of the iconic characters we see now, I wish we still had from the past.

I love Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos, but seeing Tamara Braun as that character just reminds you how terrific of an actress she was and how she made a Carly a character that audiences absolutely loved and I mean loved! It is the storytelling of the classic soaps that I love more than ever. I mean for an hour you were so enthralled and enamored with what was happening on the small screen you could NOT take your eyes away. That is not to say it doesn’t happen today, it’s just that it’s far and between people. You have a week where it can be must-see TV and then the following week you’re bored to the core with what is happening on the soap.

“Days of Our Lives” is the only soap continuing to air new episodes, and I’ll be honest I wouldn’t mind having a week where we saw some iconic episodes. I mean the Salem Stalker storyline, one of the best things on TV that I can recall as a fan of soaps. It was absolutely must-see daytime TV where there was no telling who would be knocked off next (and we ‘lost’ some iconic characters), but the unmasking of the culprit left me like so many others speechless America and I mean speechless.

There were also intermingling storylines that complimented one another, it wasn’t just one storyline that was the focus for the week, but anyone who watches soaps clearly knows, that you have certain days of the week where particular storylines are the focus and then other days other storylines are the focus. You rarely see the intertwining that we say in the past in current day soap operas. It seemed in the past the juxtaposition was done with such precision and ease it was no so obvious. Also I cannot help, but talk about those classic soap shots with the extreme close-ups when a character learns a big secret or they get caught in a line. Yeah, the techniques soaps use are so obvious, not just in the past, but still in the present day people.

This might be something the soaps should continue to do, moving forward. Even if it’s just for one day of the week, give fans some classic TV that allow us to reminisce about things that were golden during a time in the soap arena where there were more than one soap still airing on TV.