HOLLYWOOD─I swear someone must be reading my mind, because I was just talking about Colin Atkinson on “The Young and the Restless” and voila here he is back in the flesh on my TV screen. Jill decided it was time to track her lover to determine if he was responsible for the whole Will fiasco involving Katherine Chancellor. When Jill confronted Colin he didn’t deny it, so she knew it was true, but seemed so smitten by this guy she is willing to die on her sword for him.

This only led to further chaos when Chance arrived and confronted Colin about his duplicity. Jill backed Colin, but Cane’s arrival forced dear ole dad to admit the truth: it was Cane’s idea! Wow, Colin has to be the worst father in the world. He would throw ANYBODY under the bus to make a buck and that is indeed scary. Looks like the cat is finally out of the bag, and with Cane slated to leave Genoa City real soon, it looks like Devon will get his inheritance back.

Must say I’m happy to hear this because Devon has been whining for weeks about this and it’s beyond boring at this point America. The guy has very little going on beyond schmoozing with Elena. I thought Amanda’s arrival in town would lead to some sort of epic narrative, but it has been a bummer at best. How so? Looks like Amanda is being tied to Nate of all people. Yeah, he’s unlucky in love just like Abby who is pinning after Chance. That brings us to the other big mystery, which is the only thing that has me intrigued: Chance and Adam. These two are keeping a huge secret, and Phyllis seems to know it.

Ugh, I hate when a secret is lurking, but the audience has no idea what is going on. We keep getting hints, but I’m ready for at least a juicy tidbit to be revealed to us. As pointed out before, Adam and Chelsea appear to be bonding more and more, which means these two are rekindling their romance. The same can be said for Nick and Phyllis. The level of predictability right now is beyond boring for my taste. We just keep recycling the same thing over and over again.

In other news, the fireworks are still present at Jabot. Billy has decided to leave the company because it was not fulfilling to him, which left Kyle thinking he would be the new CEO, but Jack immediately shut down that theory resuming the shoes that he previously vacated. Oh, on top of that, Jack has hired Theo to lead the social media department. So that means, Kyle will have to work with his cousin/frenemy and his former wife, Summer! This has disaster written all over it America and I’m here for it because as quickly as Lola and Kyle has chatted about their love, it looks like cracks are very evident.

I will point out a very important tidbit; Simon seems to know Colin which means there is more to this story involving Chelsea and Katherine’s Will America. I am quite intrigued to see how this will play out in coming weeks.