LOS ANGELES—Saturday, November 1 marked the one-year anniversary of the LAX shooting, that took the life of slain TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez. The incident was commemorated by Mayor Eric Garcetti and government officials.

The ceremony included a wreath laying, flag presentation, and moment of silence to honor TSA Officer Hernandez, who was shot 12 times by alleged gunman Paul Ciancia, a New Jersey native living as an unemployed car mechanic in Sun Valley.

Ciancia, 23, allegedly went on a shooting spree in the airport’s terminal three, making his way to the food court before being engaged, shot, and apprehended by police.

He was carrying a note saying he “wanted to kill TSA,” and officials suspect he had a vendetta against airport security, reportedly asking people if they were TSA employees or not before deciding to shoot.

Seven others were also injured during the shooting spree, three by gunfire and four from other causes.

The shooting heightened airport security, and Hernandez’s family is suing the city of Los Angeles for $25 million for security lapses and delayed medical care for the slain officer.

Ciancia has pleaded not-guilty to one count of murder, as he remains in federal custody at an undisclosed medical facility.