UNITED STATES─These are indeed trying times for most Americans. This Coronavirus seems to have spread like a wildfire overnight America. I mean one minute we were looking at a few cases, now we’re looking at thousands and the number of people dying has increased exponentially in a matter of days across the country. Many states have already enacted ‘Stay in Shelter Orders.’ Yes, that is correct states are putting orders in placing forcing their citizens to stay at home.

That is a complicated issue because it places so many of us in a predicament where some of us are being forced to work from home. For some it’s an option, for others not so much. People are being pushed out of work, they can file unemployment benefits, but that does not provide the person with a full paycheck. So while its some income, it’s not the same income that you are used to having if you worked normal hours at your place of business.

Many of us are adapting to the new norm and the notion of ‘social distancing.’ Look I have to be completely honest with everyone I hate that term. If I never hear the term ‘social distancing’ again it will be the best thing ever. It just boils my blood to hear it and not because it’s something we have to do, but it’s something we should always do. What do I mean by that? People shouldn’t be touching people shoulder to shoulder in general. Have some space between you and the person next to you. If anything it is for your own personal health and hygiene.

With so many people sticking around the house, rather they choose to or because they have been mandated to do so, we are getting closer. We are bonding with family which is probably one of the best things ever. I’ve heard from family members that I have not heard from in months or years. Everyone is checking in to make sure all are safe and keeping their distance because of this dicey situation.

Since we’re stuck in the house, we’re forced to have conversations with people that many of us prefer not to do. In addition, we’re finding ways to entertain ourselves. Look, I will be the first to say it, the idea of watching TV all day just doesn’t work for me. I get bored, and you can only watch so much TV if you’re forced to stick around your home. So you have to find more ways to past the time. By now many of us have cleaned our homes from top to bottom, so what else can you do?

Well you can play board games with the family. You can play cards, watch movies and start to get creative with those ideas that might be in your mind. Write those ideas down in a journal, work on a drawing, write a script for those aspiring filmmakers, build a piece of furniture, design a piece of clothing, build something. Do you see where I am going with this? There are things that can be done America, don’t just sit around and hope time will move, you have to aim to make it move.

I’m seeing people be kinder, gentler, smarter and just showcasing more emotions than normally. Tell the people that you care about that you love them. These are trying times and we don’t know what is going to happen in this country. One thing that is certain this Coronavirus is not settling down anytime soon, but we all have the power to kick its butt if we heed the warnings and do as asked by the government to stop the spread. It’s tough now, but at the end of the tunnel the end result will be so worth it because we’ll be stronger, smarter and better for it.