SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica couple Poonam Kaushal and Nishkaam Mehta used their $20,000 wedding budget to supply meals for 40,000 children affected by violence in Cameroon. Kaushal and Mehta decided to use their wedding funds as a start of their campaign, Million Meals for Love with the goal of raising one million meals by their wedding date, Feburary 14, 2017.

“We started talking about our marriage and how we want our wedding to reflect the kind of lives we want to lead but we couldn’t ignore what was happening around us” said Kaushal during their YouTube campaign video.

The Million Meals for Love campaign allowed the couple to help those in need, while hoping to encourage others around the world to do the same. ShareTheMeal has a smartphone app that enables users to “share their meal” with hungry children – with just a tap. We are an initiative of the World Food Programme, a humanitarian agency of the United Nations.

To obtain more information about the Million Meals for Love campaign or how to donate visit: