HOLLYWOOD—Oh, one would think that after the big bombshell about Henrik Faison came to light that the drama would fizzle, but that ain’t so on “General Hospital.” Why? The courtroom has become an explosive place to say the least as the battle between Nelle Benson and Carly Corinthos has reached a feverish pitch. I teased a slight bit a few weeks ok, about “GH” introducing new characters and not really knowing what to do with them. Any idea who I might be referencing? I’m referring to Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), who came to town after Nathan’s demise.

The writers delivered a slight curveball with the revelation that he was the long-lost brother of Dr. Hamilton Finn, and that relationship still hasn’t gone anywhere, even though the audience just got introduced to Chase and Finn’s father last week. That story is certain to be explored more in due time. However, the biggest bombshell is that Chase has a connection to a certain vixen in Port Charles, um, Nelle, or should I say Janelle. Yeah, Chase and Nelle know each other from their time in Florida. Looks like Nelle seduced Chase to get out of that murder rap and at the same time destroyed Chase’s career. This is good people, because the audience is getting to see that Chase has another side, one that might be slightly dark. He wants some revenge against Nelle, and his news will shake those close to Nelle and her web of lies.

Yes, to say that Nelle thought she saw a ghost after learning that Carly would be carted off to Fern Cliff for pushing her down a flight of stairs, which she did not was epic TV. Nelle didn’t like seeing Chase and the details he has on her past, whew, explosive to say the least America, which had Dante and Michael wanting answers from the protégé. Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how Chase and Nelle haven’t run into each other, but more how Chase wasn’t able to connect the dots that Nelle has been in PC all this time, yet he’s investigating her being pushed down the stairs and the name never rang a bell?

I think Chloe Lanier is a terrific actress, but she has crafted a character that I absolutely hate to the core. There are those villains you love to hate, and then there are those villains that you just hate, and I hate Nelle with a passion America. Carly had been gloating Nelle for weeks making her think she was crazy, and allowing outbursts in the courtroom to get the best of both ladies.

I love the addition of Elizabeth Hendrickson as District Attorney Margaux Dawson, but I know this character has some skeletons in her closet and I’m just waiting for them to be unleashed. Rumor has it she might be linked to Drew Cain aka Billy Miller. That would be fun TV as both actors worked for years on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Dawson had been secretly working with Nelle, who has no clue that Michael is working behind the scenes with Spinelli to get dirt on the woman who will soon give birth to his child. Sorry, I still don’t believe that Nelle is carrying Michael’s baby, and when the truth about the blanket and her plan to drive Carly insane by using Morgan’s memory comes to light, Nelle might not only become the town pariah, I could see her having a gruesome exit.

She’s making enemies and big ones besides just Carly, Sonny and Michael. Jason Quartermaine is not one to mess around with, neither is Ava Jerome, and I can totally see Nelle pinning this convoluted plot on her new bestie. It doesn’t help that Ava took that blanket, as it now ties her to crime. You’d think someone who has ties to the mob would be much smarter. Speaking of Ava, the woman has no clue that Griffin and Kiki hooked up, but with Kiki’s war against Dr. Bensch now front and center, I’m certain the truth is about to come out. Kiki has many power players in her corner including Franco, Liz, Griffin and now Alexis, who are certain to want to vindicate the nurse in the making. I’m just waiting for Mama Ava to be unleashed when she learns what Bensch has been doing to her daughter. We’ve seen Ava kill before, so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Looks like the spark between Finn and Anna has been ignited as the two gave into temptation at long last. I’m happy to see those two together, so we can now have Alexis and Julian get back together and Drew and Kim reignite as well. Drew and Kim don’t have the natural pairing you expect, so the writers better implement some long lost secret of the past or some twist to make it happen because you can’t force a relationship down one’s throat. It has to transpire naturally, not all couples work in the soap arena, I’m hoping “GH” is not attempting to pair Chase with Maxie, because I certainly got that inkling America. Let Maxie be single for a while, after all the Peter drama.

Speaking of Peter, he escaped, but little did he know a formidable foe would be on his tail. Who? Dr. Liesl Obrecht and we all know this woman is calculating. Just look at how long she kept Robin captive from Anna and her role in holding Duke Lavery captive America. Liesl has Peter right where she wants him tied up and torturing him for his role in Nathan’s demise. Nina is well aware of Peter’s whereabouts and has colluded with her aunt to keep Peter off the grid, but Liesl’s anger has caused her to make a vital mistake.  I’m totally getting echoes of “Misery” with this latest plotline that is slightly fun to watch, but I wonder what type of war will ignite between Anna and Liesl when our WSB agent learns that a foe has once again kept a child from her.

At first I was not so sold on the notion of this Nelle and Carly battle, but “General Hospital” is turning this into one hell of a guilty pleasure where we know things are going to explode with a few secrets along the way.