UNIVERSAL CITY—Halloween Horror Nights announced its Creepshow themed maze for 2019. Starting September 13 at Universal Studios Hollywood, the Creepshow maze will feature five tales including ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Bad Wolf Down,’ ‘Gray Matter,’ ‘The Crate,’ and ‘They’re Creeping On You.’

The tale, Father’s Day is about a man named Nathan Grantham who was the cruel patriarch of his wealthy family. His cruelty led his daughter to murder him and years after Grantham’s death he seeks revenge.

Bad Wolf Down features a group of people in a jail located in the North of France during World War II. They await the German Army’s invasion but have a plan to repel the army. The invasion is to take place under a full moon and the prisoners are werewolves.

Gray Matter features Ritchie Grenadine, who is a former factory worker turned alcoholic.  He unknowingly consumes a mutagen that is contained in his favorite cheap beer. An alien fungus takes over his body and residence leaving him much different than he was before.

The Crate is about the misfortune of a janitor who discovers an abandoned crate under the stairs in a small East Coast College. The janitor is unaware of the monster that resides within the create that has just woken.

They’re Creeping On You is about Upson Pratt who is a strange billionaire who despises bugs. He locks himself in his germ-proof Manhattan Penthouse, but still manages to attract insects. When the city experiences a black out the infestation only becomes worse.

For ticket information visit: https://hollywood.halloweenhorrornights.com/

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual horror event that is hosted by Universal Studios theme parks in multiple locations. The event starts in the fall season and can last into the first weeks of November. The very first opening of Halloween Horror Nights was in 1991 at Universal Studios Florida which was a three-day event originally titled “Fright Night.”