UNITED STATES─If I have one guilty pleasure it’s the fact that I love sweets. We all have our things that are super difficult to resist and I love a good sweet, particularly a great slice of cake. If there was one place that I fight tooth and nail to resist temptation it is The Cheesecake Factory. I love a great slice of cheesecake, but I’m a fan of cake more than anything. I think it’s the decadence, and the fact that the density, icing and just treating myself once in a while is a good thing.

The thing about eating sweets or having any sort of dessert is the worry that its calorie ladled, full of sugar, carbohydrates and a ton of other things that are not good for the body. I mean when you discover a slice of cheesecake or cake has over 1500 to 2000 calories that will leave you speechless. I mean speechless. Think about the amount of time it would take to burn off those calories its likely hours people, on top of hours and it’s never-ending.

So how do you avoid sugar? Is it even possible to avoid sugar? Yes, it’s possible, but you would virtually have to eliminate everything from your pantry. I mean a vast majority of your fruits and veggies have a bit of sugar in them, but natural sugar is always better compared to added sugar. That is the key word added sugar. So I’ve been actively working to eliminate sugar from my daily consumption as much as I can. Getting rid of those sugary drinks and turning to water, sparkling flavored water, decaffeinated and unsweetened tea and milk as alternatives.

Of course, when you rid yourself of things that have become normalized, you struggle in the begging, but once the item is out of your system, and you have properly detoxed, you feel so much better. You get to a point where you do not crave that item as much as you previously did. Is the craving always there? Of course, we’re human, we are naturally inclined to want sugar that is not a feeling that just disappears into thin air people; you just find alternatives to the craving.

Don’t completely deny yourself from that feeling just find a way to curb it by not overdoing it. This might be crazy, but whenever I purchase a slice of cake from The Cheesecake Factory, I eat it in portions. I like to savor that craving as much as possible. You might say, what do I mean? I have never and I mean never eaten the entire slice of cake in one sitting. It just does not and has not ever transpired. Why? I think it’s the pure decadence of the dessert that makes it impossible to transpire. I have piece here, save it for later, another piece later, and maybe three days later the cake is gone.

I’m eating what I want, but it’s done in moderation so that I’m not overdoing it people, that is the problem so many Americans face when it comes to attempting to maintain a healthy weight and not gain a ton of weight throughout the year. Sugar is in almost everything we eat, and if it’s not you have things like carbs which manifest into weight gain if those carbs are not used to burn energy. This is NOT me saying avoid sugar at all costs, because that will be something that might be virtually impossible to do, but you can curb that craving in a way that you get the best of both worlds.