HOLLYWOOD—Maya and Nicole in the midst of chaos have repaired their relationship in recent years, but all looks to change with Nicole current health prognosis on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Why? Well, Nicole carried her biological child for Maya and her husband Rick, she then gave up the child for adoption and never planned to look back.

Well, that was until Nicole learned that she might not ever be able to get pregnant or carry a child again. In the midst of a whirlwind of emotions, Nicole, Maya and Rick discovered that there was a hiccup with those adoption papers: they were never signed! When Rick and Maya decided to go to Paris they allowed Nicole to bond with her daughter Lizzy after getting devastating news. That has now created a rift between Nicole and Maya, and making the situation worse was Rick who lashed into Nicole about signing those adoption papers.

It was some stellar acting from both Jacob Young and Reign Edwards. I was ecstatic to see Nicole lash back at Rick about him having no idea about carrying a child and giving her up. Things only intensified when Zende got wind of the melee and intervened to protect his wife. Yeah, Zende is the good guy and he was the biggest proponent against Nicole carrying Maya and Rick’s bundle of joy. Perhaps he was foreshadowing something the rest of us had no idea about.

Oh, we have to mention Mr. Julius Avant throwing his two-cents into the mix. When Carter unwittingly released the news to Julius, about that mishap with the adoption papers he couldn’t wait to get into Nicole’s ear warning her not to sign those adoption papers because everything happens for a reason. As a result, it left his youngest child torn, and of course led to even more fireworks between Julius and Maya.

Julius and Maya have always had a tumultuous relationship, but this one might push Maya over the edge. She can’t have kids and the thought of losing the daughter that she thought was hers could send Maya down a dark path. Rick might be a Forrester, but as I noted, Nicole has a claim to that child in more ways than I could count, so unless a miracle happens. Little Lizzy might be torn from Rick and Maya, but with Zende and Vivian reuniting to be on Rick and Maya’ side things are looking tense.

The last thing the family should want to do is place Nicole in a corner. I loved watching Zende stand up for Nicole and berate Julius, but the acting was slightly forced in my personal opinion. In the end, after much debate Nicole signed those adoption papers, but it was apparent her heart shattered at the same time. I suspect this isn’t the end of this storyline people.

I know people think the custody war is the biggest battling brewing on “B&B,” but it’s not. It looks like Wyatt and Katie are building a relationship now that she has been offered a job back at Forrester Creations, but in the marketing department. I was wondering when we’d see Wyatt again, he seemed MIA ever since Liam and Steffy got married. I was hoping Hope Logan would return to the canvas, but that does not seem to be the case people. I hate to say this, but it seems like the writers might be hinting at a new couple alert between Wyatt and Katie, and I must say that would be an interesting pairing. Heck, it would have everyone talking, I wonder though how would Bill Spencer react to the news that his former wife is dating his son? It could be interesting people.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t talk about the return of Sheila Carter. After that cliffhanger moment a few weeks ago, we’ve learned that Sheila did not shoot Quinn, it was Deacon! Yeah, Deacon has a bone to pick with Quinn who pushed him off a cliff to his death, but he survived and that is a secret he will continue to hold over her head. Quinn it looks like you’re starting to drown in water and you’ll have a difficult time keeping your head afloat. I mean Sheila already got wind from Brooke and Charlie that Quinn might not be right for her former hubby, so the digging now begins. We know that secret between Quinn and Ridge is bound to come out and I expect Sheila will be the lady of the hour to spill the beans to Eric considering Ivy, Brooke, Ridge, Quinn, and Katie have all refused to do so.

I mean audiences had to be in absolute glee watching Sheila give that shove to Quinn as she left the Forrester estate. I said it before and I will say it again: Quinn is crazy, but Sheila is downright dangerous people. Two lunatics are finally meeting their matches; the question is who will come out on top? Things are constantly moving in the right direction on “The Bold and the Beautiful” people!