UNITED STATES−The death tolls attributed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) being reported through the media each day have  proven to be inaccurate. Dr. Debra Birx, of the Coronavirus Task Force confirmed in video that should a person die of kidney failure, heart disease, asthma, or any other pre-existing condition, and also test positive for the Coronavirus, their death will be included in the rising death toll for COVID-19.

Democrats stand accused of causing panic and hysteria over the virus. Early reports show that the deaths for the common flu outnumbered those for COVID-19.

Political commentator, and founder of Blexit, Candace Owens spoke out in  footage against Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont for claiming the tragic death of a Connecticut infant who arrived at the hospital unresponsive. Due to the fact that the infant tested positive for COVID-19 postmortem, the death was included in the death toll for the coronavirus.  Lamont cited the death as one of COVID-19’s youngest victims.



St. Louis Dr. Eric Nepute in his “daily dose of common sense” series spoke out regarding the death of an Illinois infant who died at 22 weeks gestation. His mother tested positive for COVID-19 and the infant’s death was  included in the coronavirus death toll reported daily by the media.

In another case, an 80-year-old man died while in the care of hospice. He tested positive for COVID-19 postmortem, and it was listed as his cause of death.

According to John Hopkins University Centre for Systems Science and engineering, as of March 29, more than 679,977 people globally contracted COVID-19. Of that number,  145,625 recovered, and 31,734 have died.

Canyon News reached out to a media specialist at The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at mmwrq@cdc.gov who indicated to visit the CDC website for more information.

Written By Sharon Stice