DALLAS─A small business owner protecting his store wielding a sword was critically injured after a group of rioters stoned and assaulted him on Saturday, May, 30. 

The man confronted the rioters but was quickly taken to the ground after being heavily overwhelmed by the group of the people. One individual knocked the owner of the store with a skateboard. After the group dispersed, the man appeared unconscious and discombobulated, laid in a pool of blood on the street.

The report comes after a video from Elijah Schaffer of Blaze TV circulated through social media of the confrontation during a Dallas- based protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Initially starting as a peaceful protest during the day, looters and rioters flooded the streets throughout the night.

In another video, the man appears to be avoiding the protesters throwing objects at him and suddenly charges at them with his weapon at hand until he is taken down.


Dallas Police report that the man was already taken to the hospital before they arrived at the scene and is in stable condition. No updates have been given about the identity of the man nor the status of his health as of Sunday morning.

The incident happened on the 2200 block of North Lamar Street, not too far away from the House of Blues.

On Saturday night, the Dallas Police Department announced they arrested 74 individuals who will be charged with inciting a riot.