DaLuise Acquitted In Murder-For-Hire Case

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Skin-care specialist Dawn DaLuise has been acquitted of charges of solicitation of murder and assault.

The murder-for-hire case was dismissed last week after less than an hour of deliberation.

DaLuise, whose electrical skin care technique had landed her high-profile Hollywood clients such as Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Anniston, and Alicia Silverstone, was on trial for soliciting the murder of rival salon owner Gabriel Suarez.

The charges against DaLuise were dropped after an hour of deliberation.

The allegations against DaLuise came after a cyberstalking campaign against the former model was linked to Suarez. The campaign included fliers and a Craigslist listing that provided DaLuise’s name and home address, inquiring for partners to enact a violent rape fantasy.

Following the cyberstalking campaign, DaLuise was accused of seeking out a hitman to silence her cosmetic competitor, accusations that linked the salon owner to a former NFL offensive lineman.

The cyberstalking campaign was eventually linked to a different suspect, a friend of DaLuise’s named Edward Feinstein.

Though DaLuise’s attorney Jamon Hicks warned the jury that they had been exposed to “nasty, vicious, racist, and homophobic” comments made by DaLuise against Suarez, Hicks argued that none of the verbal attacks indicated a desire on her part to have him killed.

In a statement made to the Los Angeles Times, DaLuise said:

“I appreciate the jury for giving me justice! I am looking forward to moving forward with my life. I will rebuild my life, my business and my brand!”