UNITED STATES—Some of you may know, some of you may not, but a day of reckoning could occur in the entertainment industry that could have ripple effects on the world of television and film as we know it. A writers strike could be looming for the Writer’s Guild of America. Strikes are rare in the industry, but they have indeed transpired in the past people. Strikes transpired in 1988 and 2007, but could 2017 be the next year?

Well, considering nearly 96 percent of the WGA authorized a strike last week, things don’t look good if you’re asking me. However, MAJOR CHANGE IN DEVELOPMENT, an agreement has been reached! So this changes everything, but in the future be warned a writer’s strike can have magnitude on all things entertainment.

I’m not attempting to toot the horn of writers, but I do believe we are sometimes underappreciated in the industry. Writers are the blueprint to all things cinematic and on the small screen. Heck, it even spills over to music, books, newspapers, magazines and other forms of media. If writers ceased to exist, the only form of entertainment available to most Americans would be in the form of Sports, and that’s without commentators in most situations people.

Writers make pennies on the dollar compared to what actors, actresses and directors sometimes make. So is it wrong that they’re asking for a bit more compensation with the newest trend of online content which has taken not just the TV world by storm, but currently the film industry as well. I mean the last strike we had saw the Golden Globes ceremony cancelled; it was the first time in YEARS that I can recall that ceremony not being televised on national airwaves.

Also that was the year that CBS decided to usher out a second season of “Big Brother” in the same year, um, that was “Big Brother 9.” Yeah, I’m certain Americans are keeping their fingers crossed that we don’t endure another fiasco like that in the coming months. However, if a strike does indeed transpire in the near future, Americans should prepare all of their favorite shows to be DOA (Dead on Arrival) because you won’t be seeing any new episodes. You’ll probably be stuck in the conundrum of reality TV, and unfortunately, reality TV has its highs and lows, but imagine several weeks or months of the same mess on television, over and over and over again.

TV might become a thing of the past, and people might start to spend a bit more time outdoors. As for the cinematic universe, all those films that have slated release dates, but production has yet to kick-off or no script has been written, we could expect some delays. I would argue that it seems many in the entertainment industry back the writers, similar to how things would transpire if actors or directors decided to go on strike. So the element of unity is quite important and uplifting at the same time people.

That is the thing that concerns me more than anything. I know there are plenty of people out there who are against unions, but I am one who endorses unions. Why? I happen to work for a company that is unionized and there is a level of protection you get that I just think some people fail to understand or acknowledge. Unions protect workers and ensure their rights are not overlooked or abused. So for all those so adamant and against unions, there is indeed a reason why they are in play.

They look out for the little guy or gal who might be getting screwed by those with massive amounts of power. You’ve been warned America, it could become a reality so you might want to brace yourself for alternative forms of entertainment, if a writer’s strike were to ever unfold in the coming years.