HOLLLYWOOD—The writers did not waste much time for Phyllis to tell the truth about faking her death and framing Diana Jenkins for her murder on “The Young and the Restless!” It looks like Phyllis and Jeremy’s plan has turned into an absolute mess people. For starters, Phyllis was forced to murder Jeremy Stark in self-defense after she refused to go along with his plans.

That sent shockwaves to Michael, Diane and Jack who realized the one person who could prove Diane’s innocence is now dead. That prompted Jack to work overtime to secure that Diane was able to get out of jail on bond, which he did make happen, and she is staying at the Abbott Mansion. That news did not bode well with Summer who continued to build distance between Kyle and their marriage and Ashley was livid.

However, the big question of the hour is what will Summer and Daniel do? Phyllis first revealed herself to Summer in a public sphere of all people. Summer was in complete disbelief. She wasn’t sure if she was looking at a ghost or her mom in the flesh. Phyllis explained to her daughter what transpired, leaving a few tidbits out that she was aligned with Jeremy’s plan to frame Diane at first. Summer ate up what Phyllis was delivering. Most of it was true, but the hiccup was the self-defense aspect.

If Phyllis, killed Jeremy in self-defense (which she did), by not coming forward it only makes her situation worse. She could totally spin in that Jeremy forced her to write that letter, leave that voice mail and drugged her at the gala to frame Diane before staging her death via the ambulance crash. She could even note that Jeremy threatened Summer and Daniel’s lives. Nope. She is mum and it is going to bite her in the butt.

When she finally confessed the truth to Daniel, he thought his sister was spiraling, but it soon became clear it was true. Daniel was in disbelief. He was worried about his little sister who is harboring a major secret that is going to cause a massive fracture in her marriage to Kyle who is determined to prove his mother’s innocence. Daniel wants to spill the truth, but is afraid by doing so it will be a death sentence for his mother, whose death rocked him to the core.

Victor Newman, does this man ever realize it is ok, not to butt into his children’s love lives. He actually attempted to bribe Sally with money to leave town, but leave her daughter with Adam and the Newman clan to raise?! Is this guy crazy! Sally spilled that information to Nick who was livid, but she was able to talk him down from confronting his father right away.

In other Newman drama, Victoria and Nate did the deed while in Los Angeles, just as Audra poured gasoline on the situation with Elena causing her to go stir crazy. I am still trying to figure out exactly WHY Audra wants Nate. Is it just looks or does she have a bigger agenda in play people? Elena had a conversation with JT via video call about returning to Genoa City for medical research on his condition. Truth be told it was to stick it to Victoria people. JT said no way, but something tells me that is about to soon change.

Elena decided that she no longer wanted to be played like a fiddle and came face-to-face with Nate and Victoria in LA to their surprise and they had plenty of explaining to do. However, none of it matter as Elena scolded Nate before breaking up with him. She later packed her things and moved out of the penthouse. Hmm, something tells me JT is indeed coming back to GC and it will send Victoria and a host of others for a loop people.

Back with the Abbotts, Ashley is considering another takeover of Jabot from Jack as a result of his blind allegiance to Diane. Ashley informed Billy of his plans who was hesitate, but it looks like Billy is about to be back in the foray at the family business after being MIA for quite some time.

With GC celebrating the life of Neil, Lily and Devon both got surprises. Devon received a visit from his birth mother, Yolanda and Tucker’s former flame. The brother and sister duo were stunned to see Malcolm (Shemar Moore) returned to town to celebrate his brother, before jetting back out of town. Nick and Victor are still at war, just as Adam and Victor are bonding over Tucker McCall and a potential offer to Sally from Adam could change a lot for the fashion designer. Time will tell.