HOLLYWOOD—Talk about another face from the past America, because that is what transpired last week on “The Young and the Restless.” Phyllis Summers was given a gift in all her drama involving Diane Jenkins, when her son Daniel returned to Genoa City. Yes, Daniel, Phyllis’ pride and joy and Summer’s older brother is back in town and I have an idea as to why people.

Summer was happy to see her brother, and Phyllis was stunned to see her son in the flesh who spilled to his mother that things are not going great in his relationship with Heather. That worried Phyllis a bit, who informed her son to rely on her anytime he needs her. However, it was Daniel’s meeting with Lily that really sparked the fireworks America.

For those who don’t know, Lily and Daniel were quite the couple back in the day. They had a romance that I thought would last the test of the time, but unfortunately that was not the case. I cannot recall specifically what led to the split, but I think it may have involved Cane. With that said, Daniel is smitten by Lily yet again, and Lily is smitten by Daniel. What is the problem? Well, Lily is still with Billy, but starting to question where their relationship stands.

How so? It feels like Lily might be a bit insecure about Billy’s burgeoning relationship with Chelsea, whose secret is now out in the open. Daniel’s arrival is a potent development because Lily has WAY MORE CHEMISTRY with him than Billy and I would love to see those two back together and it looks like the writers might be pushing that narrative people. Chelsea has plenty of support from the residents of GC after learning about her situation, that including Connor and Johnny, who realized their actions towards their mother might have pushed her over the edge.

This is good because Chelsea’s spirits have been lifted way up people and the horizon could NOT be brighter for her if I’m being honest. Let’s talk about a relationship that is on the outs: Chance and Abby. Chance has moved out of the house and it looks like Abby and Chance are headed for divorce-ville people. Abby is an emotional wreck, just as Devon spilled the truth to Lily and it appears Amanda is off the canvas yet again people. So will Devon and Abby ultimately become an item? One can only hope so in the near future people because they do indeed have that spark and share a child together. What the writers plan to do with Chance that is another story.

The Sally, Nick and Adam love triangle has become even more complicated with a drunken Adam proposing marriage to Sally who shut him down, but that did not stop him from his quest to get Sally to realize they belong together. So much to the point that they shared a kiss together! However, Sally seems more torn now than ever as her feelings for Nick are indeed intensifying people. Which brother will Sally choose? I’ve always wanted Sally and Adam together from the moment that appeared in scenes together, but her burgeoning relationship with Nick has made me question that bond. We’ll have to see how this one plays out in the coming weeks to be honest.

Now let’s talk about Diane Jenkins who just keeps lying and lying. With the walls continuing to close in on her, she decided to spill me tea about Tucker using her to get financials to get his hands on Jabot. Jack was NOT pleased with that bomb, neither was Kyle, but both gentlemen decided to remain by Diane’s side, as she became more fearful of Jeremy Stark coming after her. See Diane was responsible for Jeremy going to prison and if he were to find that out, as she has alluded to he would make her life hell, figuratively and literally.

Jeremy’s presence became known this week on “Y&R” when Phyllis decided to make a move against Ashley and Nikki’s wishes to poke at her nemesis. As I’ve stated before, Diane is still harboring many more secrets, I’m just waiting for the big bomb to drop that will rock everyone’s world, I’m just hoping the writers have a good reveal on their hands for the viewers when it transpires.