HOLLYWOOD—The rumors were running rampant for weeks, but last Friday audiences came face-to-face with Dante Falconeri. Sonny’s eldest son returned to the foray after being MIA for months, but all is not as it seems. Sonny with Robert in tow traveled to Istanbul, and last week after plenty of twists and turns Sonny came face-to-face with Dante after holding his boss Raj at gunpoint.

Yes, Dante is back in the flesh America, and he returned the favor to his father by shooting him. Luckily, the bullet only grazed him on the shoulder. This was all part of Sonny and Dante’s plan to protect one another and ensure their escape. This is also welcome news for Lulu who has been drifting away from her husband more and more. I mean Dante has no idea she was nearly killed by Ryan Chamberlain. Dante has been placed in a precarious situation where blowing his cover could lead to his demise, Sonny tread carefully. Too bad Sonny gave him inaccurate information regarding Franco.

Now that the Ryan Chamberlain serial killer storyline has come to a head, the fallout has begun. Ava is in major denial that the man she loved was responsible for the death of her daughter Kiki. The grief is taking a toll on Ava, who appeared to have a breakthrough as a direct result of Franco of all people. Franco has learned that keeping your fiancé out of the loop on your plan to lure out the real killer has consequences. Dare I say a possible rift in Franco and Liz’s relationship has emerged?

Laura was livid with Kevin after learning he was well aware about Ryan being alive and kept that secret from her for months. Yes, Kevin is facing the heat, his actions led to the bloodshed that has haunted Port Charles for the past several months. Looks like Laura and Kevin’s love affair might be on halt people. However, I know in my gut the Ryan Chamberlain storyline is not over. Why? We haven’t found a body, and if you don’t have a body that means the person is likely still around. That means expect things to culminate during May sweeps with an epic murder or some twist audience’s didn’t see coming from a mile away.

While a few relationships are suffering, there does seem to be one that is blooming between Willow and Chase. Chase has been smitten by Willow for months now, and it seems Willow is finally warming up to him. The viewers are well aware that Willow suffered something traumatic for her to make the decision to give up her newborn child. Well last week, a crucial piece of evidence was delivered: Willow was a member of Dawn of Day, Shiloh’s cult. Too bad Kristina hasn’t figured it out, even though Valerie and Molly have attempted to get her to see the light.

The more they push Kristina, the further Kristina falls into Shiloh’s clutches. Shiloh is a sneaky fiend. He is still charming Sam, while unaware that Sam and Jason are getting closer to nailing him now that they are aware of that tattoo. A tattoo that Willow also has! Could that mean that Shiloh is the father of Willow’s baby and more importantly why haven’t these two run into each other in Port Charles?

Another major bombshell has transpired in PC, with return of Anna’s twin sister, Alex Merrick. Oh, this is about to be major fun. Why? Anna suspects that Alex implanted memories into her mind that aren’t actually hers. Hmm, I’m starting to question if Peter is actually Anna’s son and not Alex’s. Alex is a devious one to say the least, and her desire to get what she wants has no rules to say the least. Alex wants her sight restored, but Anna had other plans: spill all the details on Dr. Cabot’s study in exchange for regaining her sight. Alex warned her sister there are things that she may not want to know, oh, please tell!

Sasha seems aware that Peter and Maxie might know that she is a fraud. The fact that she is playing don’t hurt Nina because of my actions is just plain sad. You are a fraud; you’re portraying to be someone’s long lost daughter and you’re not that daughter. I’m really looking for this secret to come out. Why? Valentin FINALLY faces the music after slithering through the clutches time and time and time again for his treacherous ways. Just when you think an epic storyline concludes the boredom will set in, but not here on “General Hospital” people!