HOLLYWOOD—It has indeed been awhile since we last discussed what was taking place in the town of Salem on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Well, a lot has happened since we last spoke about the return of Aiden Jennings from the dead. So what does all this mean?

Well Hope Brady is now entangled in love triangle with Aiden and Rafe, and what’s scary is that she seems to be leaning towards rekindling romance with a man who contemplated killing her. What’s worse, he seems to be in cahoots with Andre DiMera that is NOT a good sign.

Speaking of signs, Joey and Jade’s cross-country extravaganza has turned violent as Joey found himself taking a bullet and being rushed into surgery after proclaiming to his mother Kayla, he wasn’t ready to die. I really have no idea where this storyline is going, but it sure feels like this is being dragged, so much to the point that fans have lost interest before things have even intensified.

The big story of the hour is the presumed death of Deimos at the hands of Nicole Walker. Looks like her plan to align with Victor Kiriakis has indeed backfired, or perhaps this is what Deimos planned all along. However, with no body how in the world will the Salem Police Department make the charge of murder stick? The friction between enemies turned friends turned enemies again, Nicole and Kate is a hoot to watch. These two ladies sure know how to engage in one hell of a catfight people.

Speaking of Deimos, he might be bloody and injured, but his dismal state has allowed the writers to usher in the return of a familiar face in Chloe! Yep, she is back and appears she is a face from Deimos’ past. While hesitant, she takes care of a ‘friend’ in his time of need, while everyone in Salem suspects the nefarious fiend to be long gone. With Shawn and Belle, rekindling their relationship, it seems like the flames that one existed between Phillip and Chloe could indeed reignite. Looks like Shawn and Belle’s happiness is not making Lani pleased to say the least. With news that the portrayers of Shawn, Belle and Lani are all leaving Salem in the coming weeks, one can only imagine how they will exit. Will it be a happily-ever after or bloody murder? Hey, I’m sorry, but “Days” loves a good murder, or two or three.

Ciara sure looks to be getting cozy with Chad DiMera who is spiraling out of control with his wife Abigail getting treatment for her mental illness. For a story that was so tense in my opinion a few months ago, the fizzle sure happened fast. I mean viewers all know that Kate Mansi is set to exit the role any day now, as “DOOL” has recast the character with a face that not many soap fans know. This has given Ciara the opportunity to develop feelings for Chad, and the two have even shared a kiss while Chad was in a drunken state. Hmm, I wonder how Theo would feel if he learned about those secret feelings that Ciara has for a not only married man, but his uncle.

What’s worse, I wonder what Hope would say if she knew just what her daughter was up to lately? Yeah, she has a lot going on in her life, but she can’t ignore the plight of her child. Did I mention John Black is back in town, professing his love yet again to Marlena, who seems to be doing her best to help Abigail in her fragile state of mind? People we can’t forget about the other love triangle of the hour involving Brady, Summer and Theresa. I pinpointed sparks between Summer and Brady the moment she entered the mix, but what has me eager is the news that Jen Lilley is exiting the role of Theresa. She is that character that you love to hate, good or bad.

So just how will her character bid adieu in Salem? Please don’t tell me we’re looking at another murder, I mean I love a good murder mystery, but honestly, hasn’t around 5-6 people lost their lives in Salem in the past year, if not more. We need a break already! Well, “Days of Our Live” sure looks to be teasing fans as much as possible with multiple stories involving their favorite characters.