HOLLYWOOD—There has been a lot of juicy things transpiring on “Days of Our Lives.” Perhaps, the biggest bomb of them all is the revelation that Jordan Ridgeway has a baby! Yes, at first Rafe was stunned by the news, perhaps because he suspected he could be the father of the child. However, that was dashed with the revelation that the baby is a mere six months. We know Rafe cannot be the father with the baby’s current age, and the fact that Jordan just returned to town makes it impossible.

The major question we all want to know is who is the father of Jordan’s baby? Yes, that is the mystery that writers have not put on the front burner of the story. The news about David has started to spread around Salem, with Hope not happy with the news and Rafe’s decision to care for the child cause problems in his relationship. Man, Hope is a needy woman, but to back up her point, Rafe is always putting others ahead of her and that is never a good thing.

The child has plenty of admirers in Lani and Eli and it seems Lani has a taken to the child, which has people in her inner circle concerned. Ben was also stunned to learn that he has a nephew, but authorities are keeping their eyes on Ben. Look, I’m all for a redemption arc, but the fact that some people in Salem have forgotten that Ben is a serial killer is driving me insane. He might be reformed, but at the end of the day, he is responsible for murdering several people. Those people are never coming back unless there’s some twist I don’t know about, which is always the case in the soap arena.

Ben and Ciara are indeed getting closer, and we can now coin them ‘Benara’ or ‘Cin.’ While that romancing is blooming, one crashing and burning in a major way is Claire and Tripp. I must admit I am so happy Claire is getting a taste of backlash for all her devious deeds. She lied and lied to get her way and nearly killed Ciara in the process. J.J. handed that lighter of Claire’s to the police and she is starting to shake in her boots with the notion of the truth coming to fruition.

I mean Claire is evil, but the fact that she is now colluding with Eve of all people to stop Haley and Tripp’s marriage takes her down a darker path. She had the recording of the sham marriage that Eve planned to play during a public town hall meeting, but that was a bust. Eve is just an evil woman and hell bent on making everyone’s lives miserable. I just wonder if she took a hard look in the mirror and asked herself if Paige would be happy with her actions?

Jennifer appalled by Eve and Jack’s engagement decided it was time to take action and she struck a few chords with Jack where figments of his memory started to come back. Be scared Eve, because when the truth explodes you will be in major trouble. Jack doesn’t have too many fans in Salem, even his sister Adrienne who owns a newspaper is endorsing his rival Abe Carver. Leo might be out of Salem, but he still haunts Will and Sonny. Will thought he was cursed by Leo, but as it turns out Will has some serious medical issues and is now in the battle of his life to survive. Man, can this kid just catch a break already?

Another few tidbits worth noting is that Eric and Sarah are engaged again, but she still has strong feelings for Eric, and she is fighting like hell to keep those bottled up. Brady’s plan to get Gabi to make a move on Stefan seems to be working because the two enemies are attracted to each other in a major way. I think this just makes room for Brady to swoop in and try to be Chloe’s hero. Oh, speaking of swooping in, we have to chat about Ted making a play for Hope. Rafe is neglecting his wife, and Ted is using that to his advantage. I mean did you see the kiss those two shared. It was nothing innocent to say the least.

And for the first time in like ever I laughed out loud with Eric helping Jennifer with her issue involving Eve and Jack. Very rarely are soaps known for being able to deliver comedic moments, but “Days” managed to do it in epic proportion this week and I was loving every moment of it. Two weddings were to transpire this week, Eve and Jack so major hiccups and so did Tripp and Haley, with Claire deciding to crash it. However, there was a secret dropped that changed everything, one that was being kept under wraps by Melinda Trask of all people.

Dare I say it, or can you soap fans guess it? It looks like “Days” is certainly ramping things up as we head into May sweeps.