HOLLYWOOD—Where do we start on the NBC soap, “Days of Our Lives” um excuse me, Peacock soap? I’m not touching on the Kate, Marlena and Kayla meeting faces from the past in the afterlife on “Days of Our Lives.” I’m still trying to figure out how the writers expect to bring these ladies back to life and make actual sense along the way. What you need to know is Kayla, Marlena and Kate are in the afterlife and seeing faces from the past including Jordan Ridgeway, Susan, Adrienne and Nick Fallon! I thought the ladies were in heaven not hell, but it looks like they might be in limbo at the moment, which explains this twist that will bring the ladies back to life.

John and Steve are planning to murder Orpheus and want Roman apart of the plan to take out the fella who caused them to lose their wives. They plan to utilize Lucas in the plan to get Orpheus in a way they cannot, but Lucas is being tempted with alcohol, thankfully Roman came to Lucas’ rescue in just the right time to prevent him from falling off the edge.

Gabi utilized Dr. Rolf to reprogram Stefan to his old shelf even though she was warned the effects could be dangerous. I can assure you Stefan didn’t die, but his memories are gone. So not only is Stefan in love with Gabi, he’s also in love with Chloe, so there you go “DOOL” fans we have a love triangle on our hands people. Speaking of love, Chad and Stephanie took their relationship to the next level, leaving Alex out in the cold and dealing with a broken heart. I love Stephanie and Chad together, that chemistry is sizzling people.

You know who else is on the fence, Allie, in regards to her relationship with Chanel, who Allie thinks is interested in Johnny again. Sorry Allie that ship has sailed, and Chanel is into you, and Johnny is into Wendy. When you mix drinks with a broken heart, you get trouble, just as Wendy spotted Alex and Allie in a questionable situation. It looks like Allie and Alex are about to do the deed again and it’s going to lead to a kaput with Allie’s relationship with Chanel.

After all the lies, Sarah and Xander are over as she forced him to sign the divorce papers, and she later signed after Bonnie tried to get her to reconsider as her heart belongs to Xander. Nope. Xander wallowed, Gwen was there and the two slept together as a result. However, it looks like Sarah has revenge on her brain and plans to sleep with Rex to stick it to Xander in a way that might truly end their love affair as we know it.

Gwen and Xander are embracing their dark side and it’s a wicked one that involves daughter going after her father’s publication and using blackmail as a tool. Wow, if she wanted to kill her relationship with her dad for Xander this is a great way to do it, and I’m starting to suspect that Gwen and Xander’s time in Salem will soon be coming to the end, the question is who will deliver the blow that takes one or both of them out?