HOLLYWOOD—Stephen Nichols won over millions of female viewers during the 1980s on “Days of Our Lives” as the masculine half of the Patch and Kayla love story on that soap. In the ’90s, Nichols blew every critic’s imagination in the role of Cassadine patriarch Stefan on “General Hospital.” Now going into the 21st century, Stephen has reinvented another part of himself and inhabits Genoa City as the town’s newest and most handsome billionaire on CBS’s number-one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless.”

Always winning over his leading ladies, Beverly Hills socialite and movie, stage and television star Constance Towers, who portrays his evil mother Helena Cassadine on “GH,” tells Canyon News, “Stephen is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever worked with. From Tony Geary to John Wayne and William Holden, not to mention Yul Brynner, Stephen has an intensity and charisma that is unique and individual to him. I miss working with him so much, but I try to watch him as often as I can over at ‘Y&R’ when time permits. He’s handsome, extremely talented and powerful as an actor, and I did some of my best work opposite him because Stephen is so talented it demanded perfection to keep up with him and his enormous talent as a leading man.”

Meet the actor who portrays Tucker McCall on “The Young and the Restless.”

Q-Fans love you as Tucker. Your character this time around on “Y&R” is much different than any you’ve ever played in the past. What do you like about this character the most?

A-“I love the fact that Tucker is a regular guy with a mind-boggling amount of money. In Tucker’s eyes, he can do and say just about anything with impunity. That kind of thinking will probably get him into a lot of trouble, and does he love trouble. I like that he enjoys pushing the limits in business.”

Q-Being a part of “Y&R” is a dream for most actors. Have you gotten acquainted with and comfortable with your role and working on the show?

A-“I agree. Working at ”˜Y&R’ is a dream. I have gotten comfortable in the role and in no small part that is due to the enormous generosity of the Bells [Maria and Bill, Jr.], Paul [Rauch], the writers, my fellow cast members and the crew. I am amazed each day by the level of talent on that stage both in front of and behind the camera.”

Q-I personally think Jess Walton and Eileen Davidson are two of television’s most professional and solid actresses. How much fun and how exciting is it to work with these two ladies?

A-Tommy, working with those two ladies is a blessing. They are so good. Being across from either one of them inspires me to be better always. They both have a spontaneity and an ease that that makes acting with them so fun. I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Q-Also, Jeanne Cooper and you have so much chemistry. Is it very hard to pretend at times your character Tucker dislikes his mother Katherine? Or do you think Tucker has more respect for his mom (Katherine Chancellor) than he often shows?

A-“Jeanne Cooper has always been one of the most respected actors in our industry. From day one I could see why. She is, sweet, funny and always prepared and we had chemistry from the very first scene we did together. I can’t explain that but I can tell you she has intense focus and talent and the joy with which she does the work is inspiring. It is contagious.

“Family and Katherine in particular means more to Tucker than he is willing to admit and his feelings for Katherine are sneaking up on him.”

Q-Stephen, “Y&R” for you is kismet in my opinion. You were half of one of the biggest super couples (Patch and Kayla on Days), you played opposite one of my best friends and client Constance Towers (Helena on General Hospital) and now you have come full circle to a very grown up role and very powerful force on this show as a self-made billionaire. Do you use everything you’ve learned previously to create this role or do you consider yourself still on the growing path?

A-“I hope I will never stop growing. I keep moving, and I always remember how grateful I am to be working. I am sure that I have learned something along the way both in life and through playing those previous roles that informs what I am doing now. I agree that this is the role I was born to play at this moment in my life. I’m very happy to be doing it. Thanks, Maria!”

Q-How are you and your family?

A-“We are all doing well. We are currently sending our youngest daughter off to college.”

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS. The soap remains the number-one rated drama since 1989. The show’s talented head writer and executive producer is Bel Air resident Maria Arena Bell.

Photograph is Courtesy: JPI Studios© West Hollywood for CBS/Sony and “Y&R” Productions

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