HOLLYWOOD—I knew it was just a matter of time before the custody battle between Devon, Abby, Chance and baby Dominic on “The Young and the Restless.” Devon has been getting closer and closer to Dominic since his birth, and with the drama involving Chance and Abby, it was dire that the infant had someone solid in his corner. As a result, the bond has strengthened and it resulted in Devon making a big move to seek more time to spend with his biological son.

We should NOT be surprised to see this coming with Amanda and Nate placing those bugs in his ear about how strong of a bond he shares with the child. I thought it would be Mariah who would be the first to fire that shot, but she is busy considering adopting a child with Tessa as they look forward to taking their relationship to the next level people. Amanda had been dropping hints to Devon for quite some time, but it was Nate that helped his cousin make the move that could lead to some major friction people.

The bomb was dropped on Abby and Chance and they were taken aback, Abby more than Chance who is still struggling to adapt to normalcy after that bombing. Yeah, Chance is suffering from PTSD people and something makes me sense he might place Dominic in danger which results in the legal system giving Devon the edge, but at the same time he might make a host of enemies along the way as well. Abby was taken aback with the reveal and you already know once she starts to talk to family about the situation all hell will be unleashed.

Ok, what the hell is going on with Phyllis and Nick? They break up, but something seems to hint that they might still get back together, while this dance involving Jack continues. Can we see Jack and Phyllis share a kiss already! The chemistry between these two is amazing and the fact that we have to continue to dance on where these two former lovers stand is driving me absolutely crazy people. I mean Nick and Phyllis are giving each other amazing gifts. Yet, she is arm and arm with Jack at the Chancellor Estate as they celebrate Xmas people? Make that make sense people.

The claws are out between Chelsea and Sally. Chelsea wants to make her presence known again in Genoa City and to Sally who does indeed have a spark with Adam. However, I have yet to figure out if Chelsea wants Adam back or if she doesn’t want him with Sally. Chelsea wants to bully Sally, just as Connor is hoping his parents reunite, but fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. Why? The audience has seen that tale one too many times and it’s nothing fun to watch people. Not one bit.

If Adam cannot be with Sharon, then Sally is the next best thing. Not sure if you noted that conversation with Sharon and Nick talking about how they know each other so well. I’m rooting to see that transpire people; maybe the writers will finally listen to the audience and give us what we want. Of course we cannot wrap things without chatting about Billy, Lily, Adam and Victor. Billy is really ramping up his masterplan of taking down Victor and Adam.

We know the woman taking pics of Billy was none other than Sally doing Adam’s bidding. Jack knows what Billy is up to, just as Lily and Billy staged a fight to raise flags for Adam and Victor more. It’s working, but as a viewer, I need to know what the end game result is here people to be fully satisfied with what will happen along the way. It doesn’t help that Victoria now knows about the ruse and is blackmailing Billy and Lily to keep their secret, but at a price. Gosh, this woman is just as ruthless as her father people!