SANTA MONICA—A hostile resident has been allegedly threatening and harassing his neighbors for months. The landlord of the building and officials from the Santa Monica Police Department have not been able to evict Mark Yaskoweak, as identified in court documents, CBS Los Angeles reported.

The rent-controlled apartment building is located right off the coast of Santa Monica. For the past several months, residents have described living at the apartment complex in terror because of Yaskoweak.

Residents claim that the tenant yelled threats and insults at them at all hours of the day. In a video from CBS Los Angeles, Yaskoweak is shown shouting obscenities and threats at the camera, “You f—— pedophile lying in wait on the stairwell. I’m filming you too f—— pedophiles.” Reporter Randy Paige attempted to interview the tenant, but Yaskoweak refused to open the door. “I will be shooting to kill these terrorists, and you cannot overestimate. Have a nice day!” Yaskoweak said to officers from the Santa Monica Police Department.

Authorities are working to safely evict Yaskoweak from the complex. The SMPD cannot use forced entry since the warrant is for a misdemeanor. An eviction order was issued in December 2018.

Canyon News reached out to the Santa Monica Police Department, but did not hear back before print.